5 Reasons Why Our Canada Souvenir Magnet Pewter Dangle is the Perfect Edmonton Gift


Unique Design Featuring 3 Animals Canoeing with Dangling Maple Syrup Bottle, Maple Leaf, and Snowflake

The Canada Souvenir Magnet Pewter Dangle is the perfect Edmonton gift for tourists and visitors alike. The design of this souvenir magnet features a unique depiction of three animals canoeing, with a dangling maple syrup bottle, maple leaf, and snowflake hanging from the bottom. The combination of these elements creates an authentic representation of Canadian culture that any tourist or visitor would love to take home as a keepsake.

The intricate details on this pewter dangle are truly remarkable. The animals depicted in the canoe include a bear, moose, and beaver - all iconic symbols of Canadian wildlife. Each animal is intricately crafted to showcase its distinctive characteristics- from the bear's large paws to the beaver's prominent front teeth. Additionally, each element hanging from the bottom has been carefully designed to complement one another creating a cohesive look.

This souvenir magnet perfectly represents Edmonton and Canada as it captures the essence of what makes our country so special - diverse wildlife along with cultural icons such as maple syrup and snowflakes which represent our beautiful seasons. Not only does it make for an excellent memento but also serves as great decor item that can easily be displayed at home or in office spaces.

The Canada Souvenir Magnet Pewter Dangle provides versatility when it comes to gifting options too! It can make for an ideal corporate gift showcasing local flavour while being functional enough by holding notes together on magnetic boards or fridges; A perfect way to give your colleagues something memorable during their visit!

Versatile Use as a Fridge Decoration or on Any Metal/Magnetic Surface

The Canada Souvenir Magnet Pewter Dangle is a versatile souvenir that can be used in various ways. One of the most popular ways to use it is as a fridge decoration. Visitors to Edmonton can purchase this magnet and take it home with them as a reminder of their trip or gift it to friends and family who enjoy traveling. It makes for an excellent addition to any refrigerator, adding just the right touch of Canadian spirit.

Apart from fridges, these souvenirs are also perfect for metallic surfaces such as lockers, file cabinets, metal doors, or even cars' exterior body parts (if they're magnetic). These magnets are pretty strong and will hold up well on any metal surface without falling off easily.

Some people like using such magnets not only for display but also functionality purposes. For instance:

  • The dangle feature of this souvenir magnet allows you to clip important notes or reminders onto your fridge while still keeping your space looking stylish.

  • A traveler might use the pewter dangle not only as decor but also place his/her travel photos by clipping on them over its looped pewter design.

  • Another idea is using these magnets at work - In offices where employees have shared spaces such as lockers/cabinets/metal desks etc., one could get creative by gifting each employee with their name engraved on a personalized pewter dangle which can then be clipped onto their designated locker/desk space.

Made of High-Quality Pewter for Long-Lasting Durability

If you're looking for a souvenir that will last for years, the Canada Souvenir Magnet Pewter Dangle is an excellent choice. This unique piece is made of high-quality pewter, which ensures long-lasting durability and makes it resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. The design features intricate details such as the iconic maple leaf emblem of Canada, along with other symbols of Canadian culture like the moose and beaver.

The use of pewter in crafting this dangle gives it a distinct weightiness that feels solid in your hand. The smooth surface shines brilliantly when polished or cleaned, giving off an elegant sheen that reflects light beautifully. You can feel confident knowing that this gift will hold up over time without losing its luster or integrity.

One great feature about the magnet on this particular souvenir is how versatile it is. Due to its strong magnetic force, you can stick it almost anywhere! Place it on your fridge at home to remind yourself of all those amazing memories from your trip to Edmonton - every time you open the door; you'll see a little piece of Canada staring back at you. Or stick one onto your car's dashboard so everyone knows where you've been!

In addition to being perfect for personal mementos or gifts for loved ones who couldn't make the journey with you, these souvenirs also serve practical purposes as well! Use them as bookmarks or paperweights- they are not only functional but add charm and character wherever they are placed.

Overall, if longevity and durability are what matter most when shopping for souvenirs during your visit here in Edmonton - look no further than our beautiful collection of Canada Souvenir Magnet Pewter Dangles! They may just become treasured keepsakes passed down through generations before too long...

Lightweight and Easy to Ship as a Gift

One of the best features of the Canada Souvenir Magnet Pewter Dangle is its lightweight and easy-to-ship nature, making it a perfect gift for out-of-town friends and family. This souvenir magnet weighs only 0.64 ounces, which means you can easily slip it into an envelope or small package without worrying about adding any significant weight to your shipment. Moreover, since it's made of pewter, this souvenir keepsake won't break during shipping like some other delicate items might.

For those who have loved ones that live far away from Edmonton, this souvenir magnet makes a great gift option because it not only represents a piece of Canadian culture but also highlights their connection with Edmonton city. For instance, you could send one to your former college roommate who lives in another state as a way to commemorate memories shared together while studying in Canada.

Similarly, if you're planning on visiting relatives abroad and want to bring them something memorable from Edmonton as part of your trip gifts collection but don't want anything too heavy or bulky that will take up extra space in your luggage; then the Canada Souvenir Magnet Pewter Dangle is an excellent choice! It's small enough that you can pack several without taking up much room at all.

In addition to being lightweight and easy-to-ship souvenirs magnets are also versatile in terms of how they can be used once received by the recipient. Some people use them as fridge magnets while others prefer hanging them on bulletin boards or using them as bookmarks - either way; they provide an excellent reminder of their visit to Alberta’s capital city long after they've returned home.

Overall, whether you're looking for a thoughtful yet practical gift idea for someone living outside Edmonton or just want something unique and memorable for yourself –the Canada Souvenir Magnet Pewter Dangle is perfect due to its light-weighted design which makes it easy-to-ship anywhere around the world without breaking off during transit.

Affordable Price Point for a Memorable Edmonton Souvenir

One of the best things about our Canada Souvenir Magnet Pewter Dangle is its affordable price point. At just $5.99, this souvenir makes for an excellent value purchase that won't break the bank. Despite its reasonable price, this Edmonton gift doesn't compromise on quality or style. Made from high-quality pewter and featuring a beautiful design with intricate detailing, it's sure to impress any recipient.

Not only is the Canada Souvenir Magnet Pewter Dangle affordable, but it also has a range of uses and gifting possibilities. For example, tourists who have visited Edmonton can use this magnet as a reminder of their trip once they return home by displaying it on their fridge or other magnetic surface. Additionally, locals can gift it to friends and family members as a thoughtful present that represents their city.

Furthermore, since our souvenir magnet is small in size and lightweight in nature, it makes for an easy-to-pack item for travelers who want to bring back gifts for loved ones without worrying about luggage weight restrictions.


In conclusion, the Canada Souvenir Magnet Pewter Dangle is the perfect Edmonton gift for tourists and visitors. Its unique design featuring iconic Canadian symbols such as maple leaves, moose, and beavers make it a great souvenir to remember their trip to Edmonton. The high-quality pewter material ensures that it will last for years to come and serve as a lasting reminder of their time in the city. Its compact size also makes it easy to pack or ship back home as a gift for loved ones who couldn't make the trip. Don't miss out on this must-have souvenir! Purchase your Canada Souvenir Magnet Pewter Dangle today from our gift shop and take home a piece of Edmonton with you.

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