Discover Indigenous Culture with Jeffrey Red George's Fridge Glass Magnets Set


Learn about Ojibway culture through Red's artwork

Jeffrey Red George's Fridge Glass Magnets Set is a unique and beautiful way to learn about Ojibway culture through art. The set features 12 different pieces of artwork created by Jeffrey Red George, an Indigenous artist from the Saugeen First Nation in Ontario, Canada. Each magnet showcases one of his original paintings that captures the essence and beauty of Ojibway culture.

Red's artwork is deeply rooted in his heritage and reflects the traditions, beliefs, values, and experiences of his people. His paintings depict scenes from everyday life, such as hunting, fishing, gathering medicines or berries on the land. They also showcase important cultural ceremonies like powwows or sweat lodges where community members come together to connect with each other and their ancestors.

Through exposure to these images on your fridge every day you can gradually learn more about Ojibway culture without even realizing it! For example: one could see how important family relationships are for Ojibways because many illustrations show families spending time together outdoors; another could learn about traditional foods by looking at pictures of fish or wild rice harvesting in the magnets.

The magnets themselves are made using high-quality glass which gives them a glossy finish that beautifully highlights Red's artwork. Their small size makes them perfect for displaying on refrigerators but they can be used anywhere you want to add some color or interest (e.g., bulletin boards).

Overall this set represents an incredible opportunity for anyone interested in Canadian culture and Indigenous art to explore a new perspective while supporting indigenous artists' work directly.

Showcase your appreciation for Indigenous art with these magnets

Quality magnets for practical use

The Jeffrey Red George's Fridge Glass Magnets Set is a high-quality product that will add an artistic touch to any metal surface in your home. The magnets are made of strong glass with a sturdy backing, ensuring they will not easily break or lose their grip over time. Each magnet features one of six unique designs created by Indigenous artist Jeffrey Red George, showcasing the beauty and diversity of Indigenous culture.

These magnets are perfect for decorating and personalizing your fridge or other metal surfaces such as lockers or bulletin boards. They can also be used to hold up important notes, reminders, and photos in a stylish way. With their sleek design and durable construction, these magnets provide both practicality and elegance.

Showcasing appreciation for Indigenous art

Using these magnets is an excellent way to showcase your appreciation for Indigenous art and culture in a visible and practical way. By displaying these beautiful pieces on your fridge or other metal surface, you are promoting awareness of the importance of preserving and celebrating Indigenous culture.

Each magnet showcases one of Jeffrey Red George's original artworks inspired by his cultural background as a member of the Tlingit First Nation in Yukon Territory, Canada. His artwork often includes traditional motifs like animals found within nature such as ravens, bears or wolves which reflect his deep spiritual connection with his heritage.

By using these magnets you can show support towards indigenous artists while at the same time bringing some thoughtful decorations into everyday life!

Perfect gift for anyone interested in Canadian culture

If you're looking for a unique gift that showcases Canadian culture, Jeffrey Red George's Fridge Glass Magnets Set is the perfect option. This set features images of Indigenous artwork and designs that are both eye-catching and meaningful. Whether you're giving it to someone who lives in Canada or has an interest in Canadian culture from afar, this set is sure to spark conversation and appreciation.

One of the great things about this magnet set is its uniqueness. Unlike many other mass-produced gifts, these magnets feature authentic Indigenous designs that have been carefully sourced and curated by Jeffrey Red George himself. Each magnet tells a story about Indigenous art and culture, making them not only visually appealing but also culturally significant.

In addition to being unique, this magnet set is also practical as a gift. People who appreciate art and culture will love having these magnets on their fridge or magnetic board as a daily reminder of Canada's rich history and diverse cultural heritage. They can be used to hold up important notes or simply admired for their beauty.

Overall, if you want to give a gift that truly captures the essence of Canadian culture while supporting Indigenous artists at the same time, look no further than Jeffrey Red George's Fridge Glass Magnets Set. It's a thoughtful present that will be appreciated by anyone with an interest in Canada or Indigenous art - whether they're local residents or visitors from abroad!


In conclusion, Jeffrey Red George's Fridge Glass Magnets Set is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning about Ojibway culture and showcasing appreciation for Indigenous art. These beautifully crafted magnets offer a glimpse into the rich history and traditions of Canada's Indigenous communities. They are not only educational but also serve as a perfect gift for those who want to explore Canadian culture through its art. By supporting Indigenous artists like Jeffrey Red George, we can help preserve their cultural heritage while celebrating their contributions to our society. Overall, this set of fridge glass magnets is an excellent way to discover and honor the beauty and significance of Indigenous culture in Canada.

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