Discover the Unique Indigenous Art of Sue Coccia with Our Wolf Standing Mug


Inspiration behind Sue Coccia's unique style

Who is Sue Coccia?

If you have ever visited the Pacific Northwest, chances are that you might have come across some of Sue Coccia's art. She is a renowned artist whose work has been featured in galleries and gift shops throughout the region. Born and raised in Edmonds, Washington, Sue has always had a deep connection with nature and all its creatures. Her love for animals began at an early age when her family owned cats, rabbits, dogs, horses and even chickens.

Sue studied Art Education at Central Washington University where she honed her skills as an illustrator. After graduation, she worked as an art teacher before eventually pursuing a career in freelance illustration. Today, Sue is best known for her unique style that combines indigenous design elements with intricate animal drawings.

What inspires Sue Coccia's art?

Sue draws inspiration from her surroundings - the forests, mountains and waters of the Pacific Northwest which are teeming with wildlife such as wolves, bears and eagles among others. Her artwork reflects both traditional northwest coast designs as well as contemporary styles.

In particular, it was during a trip to Alaska many years ago that Sue became interested in indigenous design motifs after seeing some petroglyphs etched on rocks by ancient peoples there. Since then she has incorporated these into her own work along with other symbols like celtic knots or mandalas which add further depth to each piece.

As someone who loves animals deeply too; they also play an important role in inspiring much of what she creates since they form part of our natural world just like humans do - something we often forget about amidst our busy lives today!

It’s not only through drawing though that this connection comes alive but also within how each design evolves from pencil sketches into colourful prints or functional objects such coffee mugs (such as our Wolf Standing Mug!), ornaments or tote bags – all featuring beautiful illustrations by Sues' hand!

Sue's love of nature is evident in each piece she creates, and her art serves as a reminder to us all about the importance of respecting and appreciating our environment. Whether you are a tourist visiting Edmonton or an avid collector of indigenous art, Sue Coccia's work is definitely worth exploring!

Cultural significance of indigenous art

What is indigenous art?

Indigenous art refers to the creative works produced by Indigenous peoples. It encompasses a wide range of artistic expressions, including but not limited to paintings, sculptures, carvings, beadwork, and textiles. These artworks often reflect traditional stories and values passed down through generations.

The role of indigenous art in First Nations culture

For First Nations peoples, Indigenous art serves as a means of preserving their cultural heritage and passing on knowledge from one generation to the next. Many pieces are imbued with spiritual meaning and represent connections between humans and the natural world.

Moreover, Indigenous artists use their work as a way to express their personal experiences and perspectives within larger social contexts. By sharing their artwork with others outside of their communities, they also educate non-Indigenous people about important issues facing these cultures today.

In Canada specifically, many residential schools sought to assimilate Indigenous children into mainstream society by suppressing traditional language and practices. However, contemporary Indigenous art has played an important role in reviving these traditions while also helping to heal intergenerational trauma caused by colonialism.

Overall, it is crucial that we recognize the importance of supporting Indigenous artists in preserving their cultural identity through artistic expression. For those interested in learning more about this topic or purchasing authentic Indigenous artwork themselves can visit local galleries such as Bearclaw Gallery or Art Gallery of Alberta for resources.

Wolf Standing Mug


Looking for a unique and stylish Edmonton souvenir that is perfect for enjoying hot or cold beverages? Look no further than our Wolf Standing Mug! This mug features the stunning artwork of Sue Coccia, an artist renowned for her intricate depictions of animals and nature.

The Artwork

The design on the Wolf Standing Mug depicts a majestic wolf standing tall against a backdrop of stars. The wolf's fur is intricately detailed, with each individual hair carefully rendered in bold black ink. As you sip your coffee or tea from this mug, you'll feel like you're communing with the spirit of this powerful animal.

Quality and Durability

Our Wolf Standing Mug is not just beautiful to look at - it's also made to last. Crafted from high-quality ceramic materials, this mug can withstand frequent use without chipping or fading. And thanks to its generous size (16 ounces), it's perfect for holding plenty of your favorite beverage.


Ready to add our Wolf Standing Mug to your collection? You can purchase it either online or in-store at our location in downtown Edmonton. And if you're interested in other pieces by Sue Coccia, be sure to check out our full selection of indigenous art and souvenirs!

So why settle for an ordinary souvenir when you could own a piece of exquisite indigenous art that will bring joy every time you use it? Order your Wolf Standing Mug today and start savoring your drinks in style!


In conclusion, Sue Coccia's unique approach to indigenous art is truly a sight to behold. Through her use of intricate designs and animal motifs, she has created works that are both beautiful and meaningful. Our Wolf Standing Mug is just one example of how her art can be incorporated into everyday life as well as serve as a special souvenir for those visiting Edmonton. We encourage our readers to explore more of Sue Coccia's work and consider adding the Wolf Standing Mug to their collection or gifting it to someone special. As always, we love hearing from our readers and would be delighted if you shared your thoughts on Sue Coccia's art or your experiences with the Wolf Standing Mug in the comments section below. Thank you for taking this journey with us through the world of indigenous art!

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