Moon & Back Custom Arts: A Canadian Souvenir Worth Keeping


Inspiration behind the name

Moon & Back Custom Arts is a name that perfectly encapsulates the vision and creative energy of the artist behind it. The name is inspired by the artist's personal story, which involves a deep appreciation for nature and a love of exploring new places. As a child, the artist spent countless hours gazing up at the moon and stars, dreaming of adventure and discovery. This sense of wonder has stayed with them throughout their life, inspiring them to create art that captures the beauty of our world in all its complexity.

One way in which Moon & Back Custom Arts embodies this sense of wonder is through its use of natural materials. Many pieces feature stones, shells or other organic elements that reflect the artist's passion for connecting with nature on a deeper level. For example, some necklaces are made from polished river rocks or seashells collected during travels across Canada's coastlines.

Another way in which Moon & Back Custom Arts reflects its creator's values is through its emphasis on custom creations tailored to each client’s individual needs and desires. The name itself suggests going above and beyond what might be expected to create something truly special – whether it’s an intricate piece handcrafted from scratch or an existing item given new life through personalized touches.

Finally, there is also significance in how Moon & Back Custom Arts relates to Canadian culture as well: It offers visitors unique souvenirs from Canada while promoting sustainable practices by using local resources whenever possible (such as maple wood). Furthermore, by embracing diversity within their work they showcase Canada as inclusive society where everyone can feel welcome - no matter who they are or where they come from.

Artist's journey

Early Life and Education

Moon & Back Custom Arts is a Canadian-based art studio owned and operated by artist Emily Moon. Growing up in a small town in Ontario, Canada, Emily was always drawn to the arts. She would spend countless hours drawing, painting, and creating as a child. Her passion for the arts continued into her teenage years when she began taking art classes at school. After high school, Emily attended Sheridan College where she studied illustration. During this time, she honed her skills as an artist while also exploring different mediums such as printmaking and sculpture.

Pursuing a Career in Art

After completing her studies at Sheridan College, Emily faced the challenge of pursuing a full-time career in art. She worked various part-time jobs while trying to establish herself as an artist. Initially focusing on traditional mediums such as painting and drawing, Emily eventually discovered digital art which allowed her to create more intricate designs with greater ease.

One of the biggest challenges that Emily faced early on was finding ways to promote herself and her work without any formal training or experience in marketing or business management. However, through trial and error (and lots of hard work), she learned how to market herself effectively online using social media platforms like Instagram.

Over time, Emily's style has evolved from traditional illustrations to more complex digital designs that incorporate elements of nature along with celestial themes such as stars and planets – all inspired by her love for astronomy.

Contributions to Canadian Art

Emily's contributions to Canadian art have been significant over the years since starting Moon & Back Custom Arts back in 2015; however one notable example is being featured by CBC News "Meet The Makers" series highlighting some of Canada's most creative entrepreneurs!

Her work reflects Canadian culture through its unique blend of natural elements combined with cosmic imagery- something that is uniquely hers but resonates strongly within many Canadians too!

Emily has received recognition not just within Canada but internationally too - winning numerous awards including Best Digital Artist Award at Toronto Outdoor Art Fair among others! This goes further showing how important it is for artists like Moon & Back Custom Arts who are dedicated towards producing quality artwork can gain recognition they deserve despite their location or size!

Unique art pieces

Moon & Back Custom Arts is renowned for producing unique and inspiring art pieces that represent Canadian culture. The artist's use of various artistic styles and techniques contributes to the uniqueness of their work, ensuring that each piece is a one-of-a-kind souvenir worth keeping.

Artistic Style and Techniques

Moon & Back Custom Arts employs a range of artistic styles and techniques to create their custom artworks. Their signature style involves using mixed media such as acrylic paint, resin, wood, metal, glass or recycled materials to produce an eclectic look with striking visual appeal. This masterful combination creates a textured effect on the artwork which brings out its beauty in depth.

The use of these techniques helps Moon & Back Custom Arts' works stand out from other artists’ work while remaining true to its Canadian origin. Moreover, they have been highly praised for their ability to create art pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally impactful.

Significance and Meaning of Art Pieces

Some notable examples of Moon & Back Custom Arts' most meaningful art pieces include 'Canada 150 Bear', 'Maple Leaf Resin Wall Hanging,' ‘Canadian Flag Mosaic,’ etcetera. Each piece has its own significance to Canadian culture.

‘Canada 150 Bear’ was crafted in celebration Canada’s 150th anniversary by showcasing the country's iconic wild animal - bear- decorated with maple leaves all around it symbolizing resilience, strength,and growth.Meanwhile,'Maple Leaf Resin Wall Hanging' represents fall season where Canadians celebrate Maple leaf changing colors during autumn.The colorful mosaic design on 'Canadian Flag Mosaic' shows how diverse cultures come together under one flag which is very much similar with Canada’s motto "Unity In Diversity."

Moon & Back Custom Arts has received numerous accolades for their exceptional work including being featured at several exhibitions across Canada.They were also awarded Best Emerging Artist at Muskoka Lakes Spring Show and Sale (2018).


In conclusion, Moon & Back Custom Arts offers a unique and inspiring option for tourists and collectors looking for a Canadian souvenir worth keeping. The company's custom-made art pieces allow visitors to take home a personalized memory of their trip to Canada while supporting local artists and culture. From hand-painted canvases to wood-burned plaques, Moon & Back Custom Arts showcases the beauty and diversity of Canada's landscapes, wildlife, and cultural icons. By purchasing from Moon & Back Custom Arts, tourists and collectors are investing in a piece of Canadian art that tells a story and captures a moment in time. So next time you're looking for a special souvenir from Canada, consider supporting local artists and culture with a custom art piece from Moon & Back Custom Arts.

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