Bill Children's Colostrum Chewable 90ct

Bill Children's Colostrum Chewable 90ct

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  • Enhance immunity, and bone growth
  • Contains high IgG > 87mg per chewable
  • Rich in immunoglobulins, growth factors, anti-microbial


  • Children 2-4 years old take 2 tablets 2 times daily.
  • Children 5-9 years old take 3 tablets 2 times daily.
  • Adolescents 10-14 years old take 3 tablets 3 times daily.
  • Adolescents 15+ and adults take 4 tablets 3 times daily. Wait few hours before or after taking other medications.

For more information, please refer to the label.

Each tablet contains:

Bovine colostrum (Bos taurus).......................350 mg

Whey protein concentrate (from cow milk, contains 34% protein).................200mg

Non-medicinal ingredients: magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, sorbitol, vanillla flavour. 

No preservatives, colour, artificial flavour, wheat or yeast products.


Bovine colostrum is the first milk produced by cows during the initial days after giving birth. Bovine colostrum is thought to contain more than 90 factors that are beneficial to children’s health, broadly classified as immune factors, growth factors, cytokines, and nutrients. Bill Natural Sources Children’s Colostrum is rich in calcium (double of regular milk) and immunoglobulins, which have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Many of them are present at much higher levels than are found in regular milk. This formulation also contains whey protein for nutrition and building healthy weight. It is beneficial for children’s bone and growth development and helps boost up their immune system to make them stronger and healthier. Colostrum may reduce the risk for upper respiratory illness and may be used to treat bacteria-induced diarrhea in children. Children and even adults of all ages will love this delicious vanilla cow-shaped chewable!


  • Helps to support the immune system
  • Children’s bone and growth development 
  • Rich in IgG, to protect against microorganisms, such as E. Coli strains and rotavirus
  • Provides a boost in energy 
  • Reduce the risk for upper respiratory tract illness 
  •  May be used to treat bacteria-induced diarrhea in children 

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