Arctica Food Wild Sea Cucumber Best Value 454g

Arctica Food Wild Sea Cucumber Best Value 454g

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Captured in the wild cold waters of the North Atlantic ocean, our arctic sea cucumber (ARCTICA FOOD ) is rich in omegas and minerals. Recognized for the beautiful texture of its flesh and its therapeutic properties, our sea cucumber is the best quality and is a 100% Canadian product.

Wild sea cucumber from the North Atlantic Ocean, wild-caught, processed, and packaged in Canada. Arctica Food's Value grade is composed of 4-5 years old wild sea cucumbers, meticulously selected based on the sea cucumber's size, color, shape, texture, and quality. Our 5 stage sorting system ensures that each specimen in the bag meets the highest standards of the industry.

A Little More Culture About Our Wild Nordic Sea Cucumber :

Wild arctic sea cucumbers grow in the deep underwater of the North Atlantic Ocean. Due to prolonged cold weather, the maximum water surface temperature does not exceed 14°C and the surface is frozen for several months during winter. In this region,there are no human activities or industries, keeping the waters safe from pollution. Growth in such cold and pure environment is very slow, making the wild arctic sea cucumber free of contaminants and much higher in nutriments and active substances than other wild sea cucumbers and farmed sea cucumbers. The wild arctic sea cucumber is the jewel among natural wild sea cucumbers.

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