Enfamil A+ Step2 992g (2*496g)

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At 6 months, a lot has changed. What about your baby’s formula? At 6 months, your increasingly active baby has new energy, new ability and a newly emerging personality. Nourish her growing brain and body with the next stage of Enfamil® nutrition—Enfamil A+ 2.

Canada’s first and only formula tub and refill system. Just mix the right amounts of water and powder as indicated on the label.

Enfamil A+ 2 is formulated to support growing brain and body.
• Our next step for your growing baby between 6-18 months
• Enfamil A+ 2 has age-appropriate levels of calcium, iron and protein
• DHA, a type of Omega-3 fat and an important building block of the brain
• Contains a blend of 2 dietary fibres, GOS and polydextrose
• Our refill pouches make more formula for less per gram vs. our tub and have less waste - The refill boxes are 100% recyclable and have 40% less packaging per gram of product vs. our 550g tub