Exclamation Cabernet Franc Red Wine 750ml (Ship to China only)

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Pillitteri Estates Winery


Pillitteri Estates Winery is located in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada. Ontario’s warm summer days and cool nights, coupled with the unique sandy, rocky soil, are perfect conditions for growing grapes.




Pillitteri Estates Winery has won over 800 wine awards from both local and international competitions. In addition to wine awards the winery has received high praise from wine writers the world over.


VQA Means Quality Assurance 


Every VQA wine meets the following standard:

  • Wine must be made from 100% fresh Ontario grown grapes — no concentrates are permitted - Grapes used must meet a quality standard for each variety (measured by natural sugar content in the ripe grapes)
  • No water can be added in the winemaking process
  • Labels must be truthful and accurately represent the wine in the bottle
  • All wines except for table wines, sparkling wines and fortified wines must be vintage dated and meet vintage requirements
  • All finished wines are evaluated by an expert taste panel and a laboratory analysis and must meet minimum quality standards before release

In addition, regulations establish detailed standards for specific claims of origin and for each individual style and type of wine. Wine-making standards are described in full in regulations made under the VQA Act.




Tasting Notes 品酒记录



  • 最佳引用时期     10年+
  • 饮用温度             16°-18 °C,开瓶后醒酒30分钟
  •  建议配食            烧烤红肉,特别是小牛肉和牛排


Awards 获得奖项

  • Intervin, Canada 2015-Sliver
  • National Wine Awards of Canada, Canada 2015-Bronze
  • Ontario Wine Awards, Canada 2015 Bronze
  • Les Citadelles du Vin (Vinexpo), France 2015-Gold
  • Japan Wine Challenge, Japan 2015-Gold
  • Decanter World Wine Awards, United Kingdom 2015-Bronze
  • International Wine and Spirits Competition, UK 2015-Bronze
  • International Wine Challenge,  United Kingdom 2015-Bronze
  • Decanter World Wine Awards, United Kingdom 2016-Bronze
  • Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, USA 2016-silver



  •   级别                 VQA
  •   混酿比例         100% Cabernet Franc 品丽珠
  •   酒精度             14.0%
  •   橡木桶成熟      24月 法国橡木桶
  •   含糖量              4.3g/L 
  •   T.A.                   5.91
  •   PH值                 3.51