Millefoglie cookies 330g
Millefoglie cookies 330g

Millefoglie cookies 330g

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  • Matilde Vicenzi Millefoglie D'Italia Tin. An assortment of delicious patisseries, creamy filled puff pastries and crispy cookies packaged in a 240 gram gift tin. Made in Italy.
  • Millefoglie D'Italia Collection includes a variety of exceptional cookies and puff pastries filled with velvety cream. These buttery and crisp pastries are the symbol of Vicenzi’s fine Italian tradition, every bite radiates the harmony of flavors that only the masterminds of Italian confectionery tradition can offer. The dough is gently folded many times obtaining a delicious and fragrant pastry composed of 192 layers. Vicenzi is much more than a biscuit; it is a jewel of patisserie perfection.
  • The secret of our pastries is the superior ingredients. They are of premium quality, blended according to an age-old Italian tradition to reward consumers with a unique sensory experience. Superior raw materials combined with excellent workmanship guarantees the unique flavor of high-class pastries.
  • A family-run company since 1905, Matilde Vicenzi brings the excellence of Italian Fine Pastry to the world. With a focus on innovation, we are constantly improving the various product lines and ensuring customer satisfaction. We work to maintain the original flavors of traditional recipes while upholding excellence in the art of confectionery. All of our facilities are internationally certified.
  • Matilde Vicenzi, for the most refined palates and to sweeten any occasion. The decorative square tin is the perfect gift for a hostess, friend or loved one! Tea time or lunch time, snack or special treat, with a morning coffee or after dinner; enjoy fine Italian Patisserie all day, every day.

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