Penaten Original Cream for Common Skin Irritations 166g 3 Units

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PENATEN® Medicated Cream’s thick, rich formula stays in place and immediately starts working to soothe + heal + protect against common skin irritations, such as diaper rash, sunburn, itching due to eczema, minor burns, dermatitis, heat rash, and scalds. The PENATEN® brand has been trusted for over 100 years and remains the #1 Diaper Rash brand in Canada. PENATEN® Medicated Cream contains 18% zinc oxide ingredient and is best used at the first signs of redness, as it starts working right away. PENATEN® Medicated Cream comes in a 55-gram and 166-gram tin.
• Soothe + heal + protect skin irritations
• 18% zinc oxide skin protectant