Capture the Beauty of Edmonton's Northern Lights with Our Magnet


Capturing the Beauty of Edmonton's Northern Lights


Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta, Canada, is known for its stunning northern lights. The colorful and vibrant aurora borealis can be seen in the central part of Edmonton during certain seasons. It is a breathtaking sight that attracts tourists from all over the world. If you are interested in capturing the beauty of Edmonton's northern lights and looking for a unique souvenir gift, we have just what you need – our magnet design.

Features of the Magnet Design

Our magnet design features a unique way to capture and showcase Edmonton's northern lights. The design consists of high-quality materials that allow it to display vivid colors and intricate details of the aurora borealis. The magnet captures images taken by professional photographers who have spent years mastering their craft. Each image showcases different patterns and colors found in Edmonton's sky at night.

One feature that sets our magnet apart from others on the market is its ability to glow in the dark. When exposed to light during daytime hours, it stores energy which allows it to emit an ethereal glow when displayed at night time or low light environments such as on your refrigerator door or other magnetic surfaces around your home.

Another great feature about our magnet design is its compact size makes it easy for travelers looking for something special but not too bulky or heavy while traveling back home after visiting with memories captured through photography or art pieces collected throughout their journey.

The Perfect Souvenir Gift for Edmonton Enthusiasts

If you're looking for a unique and beautiful souvenir gift to capture the beauty of Edmonton's Northern Lights, look no further than our magnet. Not only is it a great way to show off your love for the city or commemorate a visit, but it also serves as a functional item that can be used to hold notes or photos on any magnetic surface.

Why the Magnet Makes a Great Souvenir Gift

What makes this particular magnet so special is its stunning design. The Northern Lights are depicted in all their glory with vibrant shades of green, purple and blue swirling across the sky. It's almost like having a miniature piece of art that captures one of Edmonton's most captivating natural wonders.

Additionally, magnets are an easy-to-pack item that doesn't take up much space in your luggage. They're also versatile enough to be placed on refrigerators, filing cabinets or any other metal surface back at home - providing daily reminders of your trip to Edmonton and its awe-inspiring Northern Lights.

Personal Experience with the Magnet

As someone who has lived in Edmonton for years and appreciates all its beauty, I recently received this magnet as a gift from my sister who visited me last month from out-of-town. Although I've seen countless images of the Aurora Borealis phenomenon before living here, this miniaturized version captured my heart immediately!

Every time I walk past my refrigerator now (which happens often!), I get reminded not just about how pretty they look but it inspires me to explore more places near my city which offers such mesmerizing views.

It was truly touching that she took note of what made me happy about where we live and found something tangible that could represent those feelings easily!

Affordable Price Point

One major benefit of choosing our magnet as your souvenir gift is its affordable price point - making it accessible for anyone traveling on budget without sacrificing quality or appeal! And considering how expensive some tourist gifts can be these days, it's a relief to find something so affordable yet still beautiful and functional.

Size and Versatility of the Magnet

Size and Design of the Magnet

The Edmonton Northern Lights magnet is a perfect addition to any magnet collection, with its unique size and design. Measuring at 2.5 inches in diameter, this circular magnet showcases a stunning image of the Northern Lights dancing above Edmonton's skyline. The beautiful colors and intricate details make it stand out among other magnets in a collection. Its compact size also makes it easy to display on magnetic surfaces such as refrigerators or bulletin boards without taking up too much space.

Versatility of the Magnet

Not only is this magnet visually appealing, but it also has great versatility as both a decoration and souvenir item. Visitors can use it to decorate their own homes while reminiscing about their time spent watching the Northern Lights illuminate Edmonton's night sky. Additionally, for those looking for unique gifts or souvenirs from their travels, this magnet serves as an ideal option due to its affordability and practicality - unlike larger items that may be difficult to transport home.

Overall, by capturing the beauty of Edmonton's Northern Lights in one small yet versatile package, this magnet provides travelers with an excellent opportunity to take home a piece of Canada’s natural wonder while adding something special to their personal collections at home.


In conclusion, Edmonton's Northern Lights are a natural wonder that should not be missed. The best way to capture the beauty of this phenomenon is through our magnet souvenir. This unique and beautiful gift from Canada will allow you to take home a piece of the magic and share it with others. Not only is the magnet an excellent reminder of your trip to Edmonton, but it also makes for a fantastic conversation starter as you recount your experiences under the aurora borealis. Don't miss out on this opportunity to bring home something special from one of Canada's most incredible natural wonders – order your Edmonton Northern Lights magnet today!

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