Creative Canada Gift Idea Using Edmonton Cityscape in Winter Postcard


Frame it as a Wall Decor

When it comes to gift-giving, a postcard can be more than just a simple greeting card. With the right frame and display technique, it can also serve as an eye-catching wall decor that your loved one can enjoy for years to come. Here are some tips on how to choose the right frame and creative display techniques for your Edmonton Cityscape in Winter postcard.

Choose the Right Frame

Choosing the right frame is crucial in enhancing the beauty of your postcard. The first thing you need to consider is who will receive the gift and their personal style and preference. If they have a minimalist taste, go for simple frames with clean lines like black or white wooden frames or metal frames with slim profiles. For those who love vintage styles, ornate gold or silver frames would be perfect.

You may also want to consider where they will display the framed postcard. If they plan on hanging it near other art pieces, choose a frame that complements but does not compete with them—a neutral color or something similar in tone could work here.

Another option is to use double-sided tape instead of framing it traditionally by placing it directly onto their wall at home office space! This gives flexibility without making any holes (or paying additional costs) into walls while still being able enjoy this beautiful winter scene all year round!

Creative Display Techniques

Now that you've chosen the perfect frame for your Edmonton Cityscape in Winter postcard let's talk about displaying options! One way is creating a gallery wall using several different-sized photo frames hung together either symmetrically or asymmetrically depending on your desired aesthetic effect.

Another idea is using floating shelves mounted onto walls which allows both sides of card visible from various angles adding depth perception; make sure shelf size accommodates dimensions so avoid awkward positioning if not fitting well enough vertically/horizontally.

No matter what choice you make when displaying these stunning images captured during snowy season - know there's no wrong answer! Each decision adds unique touch transforming ordinary image into personalized artwork cherished forever beyond its original purpose sending warm wishes during wintertime festivities :)

Use it as a Bookmark or Journal Cover

Looking for a unique and personalized way to use the Edmonton Cityscape in Winter postcard? Look no further than using it as a bookmark or journal cover. Not only will this make for a great gift idea, but it also adds a touch of personality and creativity to your reading or writing routine.

Personalize the Bookmark

There are several ways to personalize the postcard as a bookmark. One option is to add a tassel or ribbon that matches the color scheme of the winter scene portrayed on the card. This can be done by simply tying one onto one of the corners of the card, or by creating small holes with a hole puncher and threading through.

Another option is to add some personalization through handwriting. You could write an inspiring quote about winter on one side, while leaving space for notes on where you left off in your book on another side.

DIY Journal Cover

If you're looking for something more substantial than just using it as a bookmark, consider turning it into a DIY journal cover. Here's how:

  1. Choose an empty notebook or journal that fits within standard postcard dimensions.

  2. Place the postcard over top of one side of your notebook/journal so that half is covered (landscape orientation).

  3. Use double-sided tape along all four edges to secure both items together.

  4. Flip over and repeat steps 2-3 with remaining uncovered part.

  5. If desired, cut two small slits at each end (where spine meets front/back covers) large enough slip leather strap through.

6a: Tie straps around front cover if they don't have button snaps attached


6b: Attach button snap closures (available at most craft stores) onto straps which attach securely when wrapped around front cover.

Voila! Your newly created Edmonton Cityscape in Winter-themed journal is ready for use - perfect for jotting down thoughts during those chilly months ahead!

Incorporate it into a DIY Gift Basket

Winter-Themed Gift Basket

If you're looking to create a thoughtful and personalized gift for your loved ones during the winter season, consider incorporating the Edmonton Cityscape in Winter Postcard into a winter-themed gift basket. A hot cocoa gift basket is an excellent idea that can incorporate this postcard. You can add marshmallows, chocolate chips, and other toppings that will complement the warm drink while also adding a festive touch.

Add Other Personalized Items

To make this DIY gift basket even more special, you can include other personalized items that suit your recipient's preferences or interests. Homemade cookies are always an excellent addition to any gift basket as they are easy to make and can be customized according to their taste. Alternatively, you could opt for personalized mugs featuring their favorite colors or patterns.

Other ideas might include cozy blankets or scarves with similar color schemes as the postcard which would further emphasize the theme of warmth during cold Edmonton winters. It is important not only to think about what items may match but also what items reflect who they are as people – perhaps there is something unique about them such as specific hobbies or interests that could inspire some creative personalization in terms of gifts.

Ultimately, by considering these simple yet effective methods when creating your DIY winter-themed gift basket using Edmonton Cityscape in Winter Postcards, you'll provide your loved one with an unforgettable present tailored specifically for them!

Pair it with Other Winter-Themed Gifts

Looking for ways to elevate your Canada-themed gift set? Consider pairing the Edmonton Cityscape in Winter postcard with other winter-themed gifts. Here are some ideas:

Winter Accessories

Nothing says winter like cozy accessories! Pairing the postcard with a warm scarf or pair of mittens is a thoughtful way to create a practical and stylish gift bundle. Opt for colors that complement the blue and white tones of the postcard, such as deep navy or soft gray.

Winter-Themed Home Decor

For those who love decorating their homes during the holiday season, consider adding some winter-themed decor items to your gift set. A snowflake candle holder or a rustic wooden sign with a wintery quote can add charm and coziness to any living space. A festive wreath made out of pine cones, berries, and frosted foliage can also be a lovely addition.

By pairing the Edmonton Cityscape in Winter postcard with other winter-themed gifts, you're creating an immersive experience that celebrates Canada's beauty during its colder months. Whether it's through practical accessories or charming home decor items, your loved one will appreciate this thoughtful gesture during the holiday season.

Personalize it with a Handwritten Message

Make your Canada-themed gift even more special by adding a personal touch with a handwritten message on the Edmonton cityscape in winter postcard. A thoughtful and heartfelt message can make all the difference, especially during the holiday season when we want to express our love and appreciation for those closest to us. Consider writing about a shared memory or inside joke that only you and your loved one would understand, or simply expressing how much they mean to you. Not only does this add a unique element of personalization, but it also shows that you took the time and effort to create something truly special for them. Plus, receiving a handwritten note is always more meaningful than just an electronic message or text. So go ahead and grab a pen - let your words speak volumes alongside the beautiful scenery of Edmonton's winter landscape on this charming postcard gift idea!


In conclusion, the Edmonton Cityscape in Winter Postcard is a unique and personalized addition to any Canada-themed gift. The beautiful winter scenery captured on the postcard adds an extra touch of charm and beauty to any DIY project or home decor item. Whether it's used as a centerpiece for a homemade gift basket or framed as wall art, this postcard is sure to bring joy and warmth to your loved ones during the cold winter months. By incorporating this one-of-a-kind piece into your gift giving, you're adding a personal touch that can't be found anywhere else. Overall, the Edmonton Cityscape in Winter Postcard is a must-have for anyone looking to add some Canadian flair to their holiday gifts.

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