Decorate Your Fridge with Indigenous Art: Jeffrey Red George's Glass Magnets Set


Jeffrey Red George's Cultural Background and Artistic Journey


Jeffrey Red George is a talented Indigenous artist from British Columbia, Canada. His cultural background and artistic journey are both deeply rooted in his heritage and personal experiences.

Cultural Background

George belongs to the Squamish Nation, located along the west coast of British Columbia. The Squamish people have a rich history and culture that has been passed down through generations. Growing up on the reserve, George was exposed to traditional teachings and practices from a young age.

Artistic Journey

George's passion for art began at an early age when he started drawing and painting alongside his mother. However, it wasn't until later in life that he pursued art as a career. After completing high school, George attended the Emily Carr University of Art + Design where he honed his skills in various mediums such as painting, sculpture, printmaking, and glassblowing.

Throughout his artistic journey, George has always remained true to his roots by incorporating elements of Indigenous symbolism into his work. He often draws inspiration from nature and uses bold colors and intricate patterns to create pieces that are both visually stunning and culturally significant.

Overall, Jeffrey Red George's cultural background and artistic journey have played an integral role in shaping him as an artist. His unique perspective on life informs every aspect of his work - from the materials he chooses to use to the subjects he depicts - making him one of Canada's most celebrated Indigenous artists today.

Unique Design of the Glass Magnets Set

The Jeffrey Red George Glass Magnets Set is a unique and culturally significant addition to any home decor collection. The set features a variety of designs that are not only visually stunning but also meaningful in indigenous culture.

Materials and Techniques Used in the Glass Magnets Set

Crafted with care, the Glass Magnets Set is made using traditional techniques and indigenous materials. Each magnet is made from hand-cut glass, which is then carefully painted with unique designs. The designs are created using natural pigments, and each magnet is fired in a kiln to ensure that the paint is properly set.

Cultural Significance of the Designs

The designs featured in the Glass Magnets Set are not only beautiful but also hold significant cultural meaning. For example, the set includes magnets with designs of the salmon, which is a symbol of abundance and prosperity in indigenous culture. Other designs feature the raven, which is a symbol of wisdom and transformation. The use of these symbols in indigenous art serves to connect individuals to their culture and history.

Incorporating the Glass Magnets Set into Your Home Decor

The Glass Magnets Set can be incorporated into a variety of home decor styles and spaces. For a minimalist look, the magnets can be placed on a plain white fridge to add a pop of color and culture. Alternatively, the set can be used to add a touch of warmth and personality to a rustic kitchen. In a more modern space, the magnets can be used to add a unique and unexpected element to the decor. The possibilities are endless with this versatile and culturally significant set.

Overall, the Jeffrey Red George Glass Magnets Set is a must-have for art enthusiasts and home decor bloggers alike. With its unique design and cultural significance, it is sure to be a conversation starter and a beloved addition to any home decor collection.

Adding a Touch of Indigenous Art to Your Home Decor

Incorporating indigenous art into your home decor is a great way to add uniqueness and cultural significance to your living space. The Jeffrey Red George's Glass Magnets Set provides an opportunity to showcase beautiful artwork while supporting indigenous artists and preserving their traditions. Here are some tips and inspiration for incorporating these glass magnets into your home.

Use Them as Fridge Magnets

The most obvious way to use the Jeffrey Red George's Glass Magnets Set is as fridge magnets. These stunning pieces of art will instantly jazz up any kitchen or dining area. You can arrange them in a pattern or randomly on the fridge door, creating an eye-catching display that reflects your appreciation for indigenous culture.

Create Artistic Displays

These glass magnets aren't just limited to the fridge - you can use them creatively in other ways too! For example, you could attach them onto a magnetic board or metal rail and create an artistic display using different sizes, shapes, and colors of magnets. This would make for an interesting focal point in any room.

Mix-and-Match with Other Decor Items

Another great way to incorporate these glass magnets into your home decor is by mixing-and-matching them with other decorative items such as wall hangings, cushions, rugs etcetera that share similar color schemes or designs inspired by Indigenous art forms like Dreamtime stories from Australia’s Aboriginal cultures or Haida motifs from Canada's First Nations communities. This will help tie everything together aesthetically while also highlighting the importance of honoring traditional practices.

Supporting Indigenous Artists & Preserving Cultural Traditions:

By purchasing products made by Indigenous artists like Jeffrey Red George's Glass Magnet Sets, we are not only supporting their livelihoods but also helping preserve their unique cultural heritage for future generations. It’s important that we recognize and acknowledge this contribution they make towards enriching our lives through their creativity while respecting intellectual property rights so that they may continue sharing it with us all over time without fear of losing control over its usage outside their intended purpose.


In conclusion, decorating your fridge with indigenous art is a unique and meaningful way to add cultural significance to your home decor. Jeffrey Red George's Glass Magnets Set serves as a perfect example of this type of decor item. Made by an Indigenous artist from the Lheidli T'enneh Nation, each magnet features colorful designs inspired by traditional Northwest Coast art. The set not only adds beauty to your fridge but also represents the rich history and culture of Indigenous peoples in North America. So why not explore and purchase this beautiful set today? By doing so, you are not only adding a stunning piece of decoration to your home but also supporting Indigenous artists and their communities.

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