Discover the Unique Wolf Standing Mug Designed by Sue Coccia in Edmonton


Sue Coccia's Inspiration for Unique Style of Indigenous Art


Sue Coccia, a renowned artist from the Pacific Northwest, has gained popularity for her unique style of indigenous art featuring animal worlds. Her artwork is a celebration of wildlife and nature, while showcasing her deep respect and admiration for indigenous cultures.

Indigenous Art Inspiration

Coccia's inspiration for her distinctive style of art comes from many sources. She has always been fascinated by the natural world around her, especially animals. Growing up in Alaska provided ample opportunity to observe wildlife in its natural habitat.

As an adult, Coccia began studying traditional Tlingit and Haida designs which are characterized by bold lines and shapes that translate well into modern graphic design. She also studied the art of other indigenous peoples such as Inuit soapstone carvings with their intricate patterns and designs.

All these influences helped shape Sue's unique artistic vision combining familiar animal forms with abstract geometric shapes reminiscent of ancient petroglyphs or cave paintings found throughout North America.

Animal Preservation Inspiration

Aside from her love and respect for indigenous culture, Sue Coccia is also passionate about animal preservation efforts. Her artwork serves as a powerful reminder that humans share this planet with countless other species who deserve our protection.

Through her work, she hopes to inspire others to take action towards preserving endangered species habitats while raising awareness about conservation issues affecting both domesticated animals like wolves or wild ones like jaguars or polar bears.

Features of the Wolf Standing Mug

The Size of the Wolf Standing Mug

The Wolf Standing Mug designed by Sue Coccia is a generously sized mug that can hold up to 16 ounces of your favorite drink. Its large size makes it perfect for enjoying a hearty cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa on a chilly day. In addition, its sturdy handle provides a comfortable grip and ensures that you won't accidentally spill any liquid while drinking.

Dishwasher and Microwave-Safe Materials

One of the standout features of the Wolf Standing Mug is that it's made from dishwasher and microwave-safe materials. This means that after finishing your drink, you can simply place it in your dishwasher for easy cleaning without worrying about damaging the design. Additionally, if you need to reheat your beverage later on, you can safely use this mug in the microwave without ruining its unique artwork.

The Unique Design of the Wolf Standing Mug

The most striking feature of this mug is undoubtedly its stunning wolf design created by artist Sue Coccia. The intricate details etched into each side showcase not only her artistic talent but also an appreciation for indigenous art styles. The wolf symbolizes strength, loyalty and perseverance making it an ideal choice for animal lovers looking to add something special to their collection. Its vibrant colors against a white background make it stand out as one-of-a-kind piece in any home décor setting.

Supporting Animal Preservation Organizations through Mug Purchases

The Power of Consumer Choices in Supporting Animal Preservation

As consumers, we hold immense power through our choices. By being mindful of where we spend our money, we can support causes that align with our values and make a positive impact on the world. One way to do this is by purchasing products that give back to animal preservation organizations.

Sue Coccia's Commitment to Animal Conservation

Sue Coccia, the artist behind the Wolf Standing Mug design, is committed to animal conservation efforts. As an advocate for wildlife protection and indigenous art, she has partnered with various organizations in Edmonton and beyond to raise awareness and funds for their initiatives.

Proceeds from Mug Sales Going Towards Animal Preservation Organizations

When you purchase a Wolf Standing Mug designed by Sue Coccia, a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting animal preservation organizations such as Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton (WRSE) and World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWF-Canada). These organizations work tirelessly towards protecting endangered species like wolves and their habitats.

Making an Impact Through Small Actions

It may seem small but every purchase counts towards making an impact in supporting animal preservation efforts. By choosing products like the Wolf Standing Mug designed by Sue Coccia that supports these causes, you are showing your dedication to conservation efforts while also enjoying unique artwork created by talented artists like her.

Investing in sustainable products not only drives demand for ethical production practices but it also creates more opportunities for businesses to prioritize social responsibility initiatives. This means that individuals have more options than ever before when it comes down to buying items they need or want without compromising environmental or socio-economic ethics.


In conclusion, Sue Coccia's Wolf Standing Mug is a unique piece of art that combines indigenous designs with animal preservation. The mug features a beautiful image of a wolf standing on one leg, which symbolizes the delicate balance between nature and humanity. By purchasing this mug, animal lovers and art enthusiasts can support wildlife conservation efforts in Edmonton and around the world. This purchase will not only help to preserve endangered species but also provide funding for organizations dedicated to protecting their habitats. Furthermore, the mug itself is made from high-quality materials that are both durable and eco-friendly, making it an excellent choice for those who want to reduce their environmental impact while enjoying their morning coffee or tea. Overall, the Wolf Standing Mug designed by Sue Coccia is more than just a simple drinking vessel; it's an investment in preserving our planet's natural beauty for generations to come.

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