Discovering the Inspiration Behind Patrick Hunter's Indigenous Designed Mug: Spirit of the Mooz


Patrick Hunter's Background and Artistic Influences

Early Life and Education

Born in 1983 in Timmins, Ontario, Patrick Hunter is an Indigenous artist of Cree and Métis descent. Growing up with traditional teachings from his mother's side of the family, he was taught to respect the land and all living creatures that inhabit it. This connection to nature has been a major influence on his art throughout his life.

After attending high school in Timmins, Hunter went on to study Fine Arts at Canadore College in North Bay, Ontario. There he was introduced to various mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking which allowed him to expand his artistic skills.

Artistic Influences

Hunter's artworks are heavily influenced by his culture and upbringing. His early exposure to traditional ceremonies like powwows have had a significant impact on his aesthetic vision for creating Indigenous art.

His work also shows influences from contemporary artists such as Norval Morrisseau who pioneered the Woodland School style of painting - characterized by bold lines outlining figures that represent spiritual beings or animals found in nature.

Moreover, Hunter has also drawn inspiration from other forms of art outside of Indigenous works including graphic design and street art. He believes this mix allows him to bring more diverse perspectives into his creations.

Career Highlights

Patrick Hunter’s career highlights include being selected as one of ten emerging artists for The Dream Catchers Exhibition presented by The Luminato Festival Toronto 2015; winning the Aboriginal Business Award for Youth Entrepreneurship (aged 35 & under) sponsored by Northern Ontario Business Awards; designing artwork for Canadian singer-songwriter Alessia Cara's “Rooting For You” campaign; showcasing work at galleries across Canada including Art Gallery Of Algoma,Sault Ste Marie ON.,Gallery Gevik,Toronto ON.,Daffodil Gallery,Toronto ON.and exhibiting at Papier Art Fair Montreal QC..

With over a decade worth of experience working with different mediums such as acrylics paint , aerosol spray paint , markers and digital media ; Patrick hunter continues producing magnificent artwork inspired by traditions passed down through generations while infusing contemporary elements into each piece.

The Meaning Behind the Spirit of the Mooz Design

The Inspiration behind the Spirit of the Mooz Design

The Spirit of the Mooz design is inspired by a powerful animal that holds great significance in Indigenous culture - the moose. In Indigenous culture, animals are often seen as spirit guides and symbols of strength, wisdom and power. The moose embodies these qualities with its imposing size and antlers, which represent leadership and protection. Moose are also valued for their meat, hides, bones and sinew which have been used for food, clothing, tools and medicine.

Nature plays an important role in Indigenous art and culture as it reflects a deep understanding of ecology and relationships between humans and their environment. Animals like the moose are revered not only for their physical attributes but also for their spiritual essence. This respect for non-human beings is reflected in many aspects of Indigenous life including language, storytelling, music, dance ceremonies etc.

The Symbolism of the Spirit of the Mooz Design

The Spirit of the Mooz design represents strength and power through its bold lines and striking imagery. It captures both the physicality (the antlers) as well as larger than life presence (the full body)of this majestic creature.The use of symbolism to convey meaning is deeply ingrained within Indigenous art tradition.For example,the circular frame around mooze symbolizes unity,balance,and interconnectedness.In addition,some partcicular colors or elements like fire can be added into artwork to depict different meanings such as healing,purification or transformation.

Indigenous art has always conveyed important cultural values through symbolism that transcends mere aesthetics - instead,it informs people's worldview about spirituality,family connection,treatment towards mother nature ,and social hierarchies.It serves not just an ornamental purpose,but truly reflects how communities view themselves within broader context.

The Significance of the Spirit of the Mooz Design in Indigenous Culture

The significance behind this particular mug design goes beyond aesthetics because it carries rich cultural meaning that speaks to history,culture,and identity.When we consider why certain designs resonate so strongly with people who may come from diverse backgrounds ,we see how stories serve to connect us on deeper level- they help us understand our common humanity while respecting differences.

This specific piece evokes emotions related to heritage,powerful ancestry,nature-based spirituality,and community connections among other things.These themes extend far beyond one particular region or tribe; rather they speak more broadly toward shared sense pride,resilience,respectfulness,honor,dignity etc.

Incorporating indigenous designs promotes awareness appreciation & respect towards native cultures across generations.This helps preserve vital traditions unique perspectives,knowledge systems,in order ensure vibrant future where diversity celebrated cherished.And above all,this reminds us all need each other,to stay connected,in balance with Mother Earth .

Supporting Indigenous Artists and Culture through Purchasing the Mug

Supporting Indigenous artists and culture is an important aspect of preserving and promoting the diverse heritage of Indigenous communities. By purchasing the Spirit of the Mooz mug, readers can contribute to supporting Indigenous artists and culture. Not only does the mug itself reflect the beauty and intricacy of Indigenous art, but it also supports local Indigenous artists who have designed and created it. The significance of supporting local artists and businesses cannot be overstated, as it provides them with the opportunity to continue honing their craft and sharing their culture with the world.

In addition to supporting local Indigenous artists, purchasing the Spirit of the Mooz mug as a gift for loved ones in Edmonton is a great way to introduce others to the rich culture and traditions of Indigenous communities. It is an opportunity to share a small piece of Indigenous art and culture with others, and to spark conversations about the importance of preserving and promoting Indigenous heritage. By buying the mug, readers are not only investing in a unique and beautiful gift, but they are also investing in the future of Indigenous art and culture.

Overall, the Spirit of the Mooz mug is more than just a beautiful piece of art. It is a symbol of the importance of supporting and preserving Indigenous art and culture. By purchasing the mug, readers can contribute to supporting local artists and businesses while also spreading awareness and appreciation for Indigenous traditions. It is a small but meaningful way to make a difference and to honor the rich history and diversity of Indigenous communities.


After delving into the inspiration behind Patrick Hunter's Indigenous designed mug, Spirit of the Mooz, it is clear that his artwork is deeply rooted in his culture and experiences as an Indigenous person. The intricate design on the mug represents not only the spiritual significance of a moose to many Indigenous communities but also their connection to nature and traditional ways of life. It is important for us as individuals interested in Indigenous art and culture, or gift shoppers in Edmonton, to support artists like Patrick Hunter by purchasing their work. By doing so, we can contribute to preserving and growing Indigenous cultures while showing our appreciation for their unique contributions to society. Let us all take action today by supporting Indigenous artists and businesses!

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