Edmonton Cityscape in Winter: A Must-Have Souvenir from Canada


Capture the beauty of Edmonton's winter cityscape with a handmade postcard

Edmonton is a city that truly comes alive in winter. As the snow cascades down, it creates a picturesque landscape that is nothing short of breathtaking. The beauty of Edmonton's winter cityscape is something that every tourist visiting this Canadian city should experience at least once in their lifetime. While there are many ways to capture the essence of this stunning scenery, one unique way to do so is by creating handmade postcards.

Handmade postcards offer an unparalleled opportunity to capture the beauty of Edmonton's winter cityscape in a unique and personal way. Unlike traditional postcards, which often feature generic images and mass-produced designs, handmade postcards can be customized to reflect your own artistic style and vision. Whether you're an experienced artist or simply someone who enjoys creating beautiful things, making your own postcard allows you to put your personal touch on a piece of memorabilia from your trip.

The process of making a handmade postcard also offers its own pleasures as well - sitting down with some paper and art supplies while looking out at the snowy streets below can be incredibly soothing and meditative. You might choose to use watercolors or colored pencils to create intricate scenes featuring landmarks like the iconic Muttart Conservatory or the historic Alberta Legislature Building dusted with snowflakes.

Alternatively, you could take inspiration from nature itself: perhaps painting delicate pine trees swaying under blankets of powdery white snow or capturing playful squirrels frolicking around frozen ponds just outside downtown Edmonton.The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing your perfect winter wonderland scene!

Add to your souvenir collection with a unique and memorable item

When it comes to souvenirs, most people tend to go for the typical options such as keychains or magnets. However, if you are looking for a truly unique and memorable item to add to your collection, consider handmade postcards. Unlike mass-produced souvenirs, each handmade postcard is one-of-a-kind and crafted with care by local artists or artisans.

Handmade postcards offer a personal touch

Handmade postcards are often created using traditional techniques such as letterpress printing or watercolor painting. This means that each card has its own distinct character and charm. Additionally, many artists will include their own personal touches in the design of the card - perhaps a small drawing in the corner or a handwritten note on the back. These little details make each card feel like a special memento rather than just another generic souvenir.

Handmade postcards capture the essence of Edmonton's winter cityscape

If you're visiting Edmonton in winter, chances are you'll be surrounded by beautiful snowy landscapes and stunning cityscapes covered in twinkling lights. A handmade postcard featuring an image of these scenes is not only a great way to remember your trip but also allows you to share these views with friends and family back home.

Handmade postcards support local artists

By purchasing handmade postcards from local artists or artisans, you are directly supporting their work and helping them continue doing what they love. In addition, buying locally-made items is more environmentally sustainable than purchasing mass-produced goods that have been shipped from overseas.

Overall, adding a handmade postcard to your souvenir collection is an excellent way to commemorate your trip while also supporting local art communities. Whether displayed on your fridge at home or kept safely stored away as part of your collection, each card offers its own unique story and memories that will last long after your visit has ended.

Support local artists and small businesses by purchasing handmade postcards

As a responsible tourist, it is always important to support local artists and small businesses. Purchasing handmade postcards from these individuals not only helps them financially but also contributes to the local economy. Buying souvenirs that are mass-produced in foreign countries can have a negative impact on the local community as it leads to decreased demand for locally made products.

When tourists purchase handmade postcards, they are directly supporting the livelihoods of local artists and small business owners who put their heart and soul into creating unique pieces of art. These individuals often rely on income generated by tourism to sustain their businesses year-round, especially during off-peak seasons when there may be less foot traffic.

In Edmonton, there are several talented artists who create beautiful handmade postcards using different mediums such as watercolors, acrylics, mixed media art forms etc,. Some notable examples include Kim Smith Art Studio located in Old Strathcona where visitors can find various types of hand-painted greeting cards and postcards featuring iconic landmarks like High Level Bridge or Muttart Conservatory; The Paint Spot which offers an array of designs created by Alberta-based artists; and Wildheart Collective situated in downtown's historic Mercer Warehouse building offering vibrant collections designed by independent Canadian makers.

By purchasing these unique souvenirs instead of mass-produced items sold at chain stores or online retailers based outside Canada supports our own country’s economy while also preserving our culture through promoting creators within our communities rather than outsourcing production overseas.


Supporting your destination's creative community has never been so easy: purchase one-of-a-kind handcrafted postcards created with care by skilled artisans living right here in Edmonton! So next time you're looking for a souvenir after exploring this winter wonderland cityscape , consider buying some locally crafted goods – you won't regret your decision!

Share your travels with loved ones through a personalized message

What better way to share your travels with loved ones than through a personalized message on a handmade postcard? Not only does it add value to the souvenir, but it also shows that you took the time and effort to make something special for them.

A simple message such as "Wish you were here" or "Thinking of you from snowy Edmonton" can go a long way in making someone feel remembered and loved. Adding details about your trip, like what activities you did or what food you tried, can also give your loved ones a glimpse into your experiences.

For example, if you visited the West Edmonton Mall during your trip, you could write something like "I braved the world's largest indoor water park at West Edmonton Mall! Wish I could have brought some warm weather back home with me." This not only adds context to the image on the postcard but also shares an interesting experience with your recipient.

Additionally, adding inside jokes or personal anecdotes can make the postcard even more meaningful. Perhaps there was a funny moment during your trip that only certain people would understand - incorporating that into a message would show how much thought went into creating their souvenir.

Overall, including personalized messages on handmade postcards is an easy and thoughtful way to keep loved ones connected while traveling. It allows them to share in your experiences and brings everyone closer together despite distance.

Remember your trip to Canada with a one-of-a-kind souvenir that will last a lifetime

When it comes to souvenirs, most people tend to opt for the usual trinkets like keychains or fridge magnets. However, if you really want something that will stand out and last a lifetime, consider getting a handmade postcard. Unlike mass-produced items, each postcard is unique and has been crafted with care and attention to detail. This makes them special not just in terms of their appearance but also in terms of their longevity - they are less likely to get lost or thrown away compared to other souvenirs.

Handmade postcards also serve as a great reminder of one's trip to Canada. They capture moments from your travels in a way that photographs can't quite replicate - the texture of the paper, the colors used by the artist, even the handwriting on the back all work together to transport you back to where you were when you wrote or received it. Plus, since they don't take up much space in your luggage or at home, you can easily display them on your desk or bookshelf as a constant reminder of your time in Edmonton.

For example, imagine receiving a handmade postcard depicting an iconic scene from Jasper National Park during winter while sipping hot cocoa by your fireplace years later. The image might trigger memories about all sorts of things: snowshoeing through fresh powder; spotting elk nibbling trees along park trails; watching for shooting stars during cold nights spent camping under starry skies.

In short, if you're looking for something truly special that will help keep those memories alive long after your trip has ended then consider picking up some handmade postcards during your visit!


In conclusion, Edmonton's winter cityscape offers a unique and breathtaking experience for tourists visiting Canada during the colder months. From the stunning architecture of the Ice Castles to the tranquil beauty of Hawrelak Park, there is no shortage of sights to see in this winter wonderland. And what better way to remember your trip than with a handmade postcard featuring one of these iconic views? Not only do they make great souvenirs, but purchasing them supports local artists and businesses as well. So don't leave Edmonton without picking up a few postcards – they're sure to bring back fond memories of your time spent in this magical city.

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