How the Indigenous Souvenir James Jacko Tree of Life Fridge Magnet is Made


Designed and printed in Canada

The James Jacko Tree of Life Fridge Magnet is a product that originates from Canada and is designed and printed locally. This souvenir item is an excellent representation of Indigenous culture in the country, showcasing the vibrant colors and intricate designs that are present in many aspects of Indigenous art. The process to create this fridge magnet starts with the design stage, where artists draw inspiration from various elements such as animals, nature, or symbols significant to their community. Once a design has been finalized, it goes through several stages before being printed onto the magnet's surface.

The first step involves creating a digital version of the artwork using specialized software programs. These programs help designers ensure that every detail is captured correctly before they proceed to print it onto high-quality paper using large format printers. The printing process can take anywhere between a few minutes to several hours depending on how complex the design is.

Once printed, each piece undergoes an inspection process to ensure that there no errors or misprints present on any part of its surface. Any defective pieces are removed at this point so only perfect magnets make it into people's homes as souvenirs.

Royalty paid for each product sold

When you purchase a James Jacko Tree of Life Fridge Magnet as a souvenir, you not only take home a beautiful piece of art but also contribute to the artist's livelihood and Indigenous communities. A portion of the sales for each product sold goes towards supporting James Jacko, the artist behind this stunning creation. Moreover, it helps in preserving and promoting Indigenous culture by generating income for their communities. This initiative is crucial in empowering these communities to become self-sufficient and preserve their heritage without compromising on modern-day needs. By buying such souvenirs, tourists and collectors can show support for Indigenous artists while learning about their rich cultural history. It's an excellent way to promote ethical tourism that respects traditions and supports local economies while taking back unique memorabilia as keepsakes or gifts for loved ones. So next time when you're looking for souvenirs that represent more than just another item on your shelf, consider investing in something meaningful like the James Jacko Tree of Life Fridge Magnet – not only will it add beauty to your fridge decor but also create a positive impact on people's lives.

Size: 9cm x 6.5cm

The James Jacko Tree of Life Fridge Magnet is a compact souvenir, measuring 9cm x 6.5cm. This size makes it easy to fit on any fridge or magnet board without taking up too much space. The small size also allows for easy transportation and storage in luggage while traveling. Despite its compactness, the intricate details of the design are not compromised. The Tree of Life image is still clearly visible and beautifully crafted, making it a perfect addition to any collection or gift for friends and family back home. Additionally, this size ensures that the magnet does not become too heavy when placed on a refrigerator door, preventing any damage or strain to the door over time. Overall, the dimensions of this Indigenous souvenir make it both practical and beautiful for tourists and collectors interested in Indigenous culture alike.

Unique design by Odawa-Pottawatomi Artist James Jacko

Who is James Jacko?

James Jacko is an Odawa-Pottawatomi artist who was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. He grew up on the Batchewana First Nation Reserve and has been interested in art since childhood. Jacko is known for his unique style of art that incorporates Indigenous symbolism and culture. He has received many awards and accolades for his work, including the Ontario Arts Council's Emerging Artist Award.

Design and Symbolism

The James Jacko Tree of Life Fridge Magnet features a design that is inspired by Indigenous symbolism and culture. The Tree of Life is a common motif in many Indigenous cultures and represents the connection between all living things. The design of the magnet includes the Tree of Life as well as other symbols such as the bear paw and the eagle feather. These symbols represent strength, courage, and freedom, which are important values in Indigenous culture.

Process of creating the design and printing it onto the magnet

Creating the design for the James Jacko Tree of Life Fridge Magnet is a multi-step process that involves both traditional and modern techniques. First, Jacko sketches the design by hand, incorporating the symbols and motifs that he wants to include. He then transfers the design onto a computer and uses digital software to refine the design and add color.

Once the design is finalized, it is printed onto a special type of paper that is coated with a magnetic material. This paper is then cut into the shape of the magnet and coated with a protective layer to ensure durability. The end result is a beautiful and unique souvenir that celebrates Indigenous culture and art.

Great souvenir for anyone interested in indigenous culture

The James Jacko Tree of Life Fridge Magnet is a great souvenir for anyone interested in Indigenous culture. This magnet is not only aesthetically pleasing but also holds deep cultural significance. The tree of life symbolizes the interconnectedness and interdependence of all living things, which is a fundamental concept in many Indigenous cultures. By displaying this magnet on their fridge or other metal surfaces, tourists and souvenir collectors can show their appreciation for Indigenous culture while also adding to their collection of meaningful keepsakes from their travels. Additionally, purchasing this souvenir supports Indigenous artists and artisans who create these products with care and respect for their heritage. Overall, the James Jacko Tree of Life Fridge Magnet serves as a beautiful reminder of the importance of preserving and celebrating Indigenous culture.


In conclusion, the James Jacko Tree of Life Fridge Magnet is a valuable and meaningful souvenir for tourists and collectors interested in Indigenous culture. The process of creating this unique souvenir involves the use of traditional techniques by skilled Indigenous artists, who are able to express their cultural heritage through their artwork. Purchasing this souvenir not only supports these talented artisans but also contributes to the preservation and promotion of Indigenous cultures. By bringing home a James Jacko Tree of Life Fridge Magnet, tourists can share in the rich history and traditions that continue to thrive within Indigenous communities today.

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