How to Display Your Edmonton Souvenir Postcards in Style


Create a Gallery Wall

One of the best ways to display your Edmonton souvenir postcards is by creating a gallery wall. This is an eye-catching way to showcase all of your favorite postcards in one place. To create a gallery wall, start by selecting a blank wall in your home that you want to use as the backdrop for your display. Next, arrange the postcards in a visually appealing way on the wall. Mix and match different sizes and designs for a unique look.

Tips and Examples

  • Start with larger postcards at the center and work outwards.

  • Use sticky tack or adhesive strips instead of nails to avoid damaging walls.

  • Consider adding frames or using washi tape to create borders around each card.

  • You can also mix in other decorative items like photos, artwork, or even plants to add interest.

To illustrate this idea, consider hanging several Edmonton-inspired postcards on a living room feature wall above seating area. Arrange them into 2 rows with smaller cards atop large ones for visual impact (see image below). The choice of black frames gives unity while white mats help each one stand out from its neighbor.

Gallery Wall Example

Overall, creating a gallery wall is an excellent way to show off your collection of Edmonton souvenir postcards while adding character and charm to any space in your home! It's easy enough that anyone can do it – no matter what their level of decorating skill may be!

Use a Vintage Suitcase or Wooden Box

One unique way to display your Edmonton souvenir postcards is by using a vintage suitcase or wooden box. These pieces not only offer storage for your collection but also add a rustic and charming touch to your decor.

Vintage Suitcase

A vintage suitcase can be repurposed into a stylish display case for your postcard collection. To start, choose a suitcase that fits the overall theme of your room. A leather-bound option creates an elegant look while a colorful fabric-covered one adds vibrancy. Once you have selected the perfect piece, remove any lining or straps from the inside to make space for the postcards.

Next, consider how you want to arrange the postcards within the suitcase. One option is to simply stack them on top of each other, placing larger cards in back and smaller ones in front. Another idea is to use small clips or clothespins to attach them vertically along ribbon or twine stretched across the interior of the suitcase lid.

Lastly, place some decorative items around and on top of the displayed postcards such as old travel tickets from Edmonton attractions like Fort Edmonton Park or West Edmonton Mall.

Wooden Box

Another great option for displaying your souvenir postcards is by using a wooden box with compartments designed specifically for holding cards upright without damaging them. When choosing this type of container, opt for one made from natural wood with subtle grain patterns that add texture and warmth.

To create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement within a wooden card box compartment:

  • Choose complementary colors: Try grouping together cards with similar color schemes.

  • Use different sizes: Mix up large landscape-oriented cards with smaller portrait-oriented ones.

  • Add height: Prop up taller cards towards the back so they are visible behind shorter ones.

  • Focus on themes: If you collected several different types of cards (e.g., photos and illustrations) try arranging them according to their shared features (such as all photos taken at night).

Overall, incorporating vintage suitcases or wooden boxes into home decor provides both functionality and visual interest when storing cherished objects like souvenirs from travels including those purchased in beautiful city like Edmonton!

Frame Your Favorite Postcards

If you have a few postcards that hold special meaning for you, consider framing them as wall art. This is an excellent way to showcase your favorite pieces in a stylish and sophisticated manner. When choosing which cards to frame, it's important to select those that are visually striking or have sentimental value.

Choose the Right Frame

When selecting frames, there are several options available. You can choose from traditional wooden frames or contemporary metal ones, depending on your personal style and home decor. If you're looking for something more unique, consider using vintage window frames or repurposed picture frames.

Create a Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall with framed postcards is an eye-catching way to display your collection. Group together several postcards of similar size and arrange them in a grid pattern on one wall of your room. Alternatively, mix different sizes of framed cards and create an eclectic display on the same wall.

Use Creative Framing Techniques

For added interest and depth when displaying postcard collections make use of creative framing techniques such as shadow boxes or double-sided displays where both sides of the card can be seen simultaneously.

Consider Using Postcard Holders

Postcard holders allow you to display multiple cards at once without taking up too much space. They come in various styles ranging from tabletop versions to hanging racks so they can be used throughout any room in your house!

Overall, framing cherished Edmonton souvenirs like these beautiful postcards adds character to any living space while showcasing memories worth remembering!

Use a World Map

A world map is a perfect way to display your Edmonton souvenir postcards. Pinning your postcards on the country or city where they were bought makes for an interactive and fun display that can be perfect for a travel-themed room. A world map also gives you the opportunity to mark off all of the places you have been, giving you inspiration for future travels.

To create this display, start by finding a large world map that fits your style and color scheme. You can find these in many different styles such as vintage, modern or minimalist. Once you have found your desired style of map, use small pins or tacks to attach each postcard onto its respective location on the map.

One great tip is to add labels with dates and short descriptions next to each pin so that visitors can see when and where you visited those locations. This adds an extra layer of personalization and storytelling to your display.

Another idea is to create multiple maps if you have traveled extensively across different continents or regions. Grouping them together on one wall creates a gallery-like effect while still maintaining organization based on geographic location.

Lastly, consider adding other elements like photos from specific trips or souvenirs related to certain locations around the maps as well. This will make it feel more personal while creating visual interest for guests visiting your home.

Using a world map as a backdrop not only displays your Edmonton souvenir postcards but also provides inspiration for future travels while reminding yourself of past adventures. It's an easy DIY project that can be customized according to each individual's unique travel experiences!


Incorporating your Edmonton souvenir postcards into your home decor is not only a great way to add a personal touch, but it also allows you to showcase your travels and memories. By using different display methods such as creating a gallery wall or framing them in unique ways, you can turn your collection into an attractive and stylish focal point in any room. The possibilities are endless, so don't be afraid to get creative and experiment with different ideas that suit your personal style. We encourage our readers to share photos of their own Edmonton souvenir postcard displays on social media using the hashtag #MyEdmontonPostcardDisplay. Let's inspire each other with our unique and creative ways of displaying these wonderful souvenirs!

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