How to Use Edmonton Souvenir Postcards as Home Decor


Displaying postcards as wall art

Postcards are not just a way to send messages or greetings, they can also serve as unique and inexpensive home decor. One of the best ways to use Edmonton souvenir postcards is by displaying them as wall art. There are many creative ways to showcase your collection of postcards on your walls, from arranging them in a symmetrical pattern to creating a collage-style display.

Symmetrical Pattern

A simple yet elegant way to display your Edmonton souvenir postcards is by arranging them in a symmetrical pattern on your wall. To create this look, choose an even number of postcards and arrange them in pairs with equal spacing between each pair. You can also align each pair at the same height for a clean and cohesive look. This method works well in hallways or staircases where you have limited space but want maximum impact.

Collage-Style Display

If you have collected numerous Edmonton souvenir postcards over time, why not create a collage-style display? Begin by choosing one large central card that will act as the focal point for your display. Then arrange smaller cards around it using different sizes and orientations for visual interest. Play around with different layouts until you find one that works best for your space.

Frameless Wall Art

Another exciting way to incorporate Edmonton souvenir postcards into your home decor is by creating frameless wall art displays. Simply attach clips or clothespins onto strings or twine and then clip the cards onto these lines before hanging them up on hooks attached directly onto the wall surface! This approach offers an informal vibe while still being visually interesting.

Creating a postcard collage or scrapbook

Choosing a theme for your postcard collection

When creating a postcard collage or scrapbook, it is important to choose a theme for your collection. This will help give the display a cohesive look and make it more visually appealing. Some popular themes include vintage images of Edmonton, landmarks in the city, or even different neighborhoods within Edmonton. You can also choose to focus on specific colors or styles that match the aesthetic of your home decor.

To start building your collection, consider visiting local souvenir shops or markets where you can find unique and themed postcards. Alternatively, you can search online for vintage postcards from Edmonton or download digital copies of images that fit with your chosen theme.

Tips for arranging your postcard collage

Once you have collected enough postcards for your display, it's time to arrange them into an eye-catching collage. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Start by laying out all of your cards on a flat surface and experiment with different arrangements until you find one that works best.

  • Consider using sticky tack instead of glue so that you can easily rearrange cards if needed.

  • Mix up card orientation (horizontal vs vertical) and sizes to add interest to the display.

  • Add other decorative elements such as washi tape, stickers or small trinkets related to the chosen theme around the edges of each card.

  • If creating a scrapbook rather than just displaying individual cards on a wall, try adding short captions describing what each image represents within its respective part of town.

By following these tips and choosing an engaging theme when designing their own personalized souvenirs displays at home they would be sure create something beautiful while keeping memories alive!

Using postcards as unique photo frames

Postcards can also be used as unique photo frames. If you have a favorite postcard or a collection of Edmonton souvenir postcards, consider using them to frame your photos. To do this, first choose the postcard that best complements your photo. Then, select a mat board in the same size as your chosen postcard and cut out an opening for your photo. Place the mat board on top of the backside of the postcard with the photo opening aligned with a feature on the front side of the card such as a building or landmark.

Next, secure both pieces together by placing double-sided tape around the edges of your photograph's opening and position it carefully overtop so that it is visible within that windowed space created between cardstock backing paper behind where everything else rests against one another; then apply glue dots along corners too for extra adhesion strength if necessary before finally flipping entire project over onto flat surface before letting dry completely without moving it again until thoroughly set up (usually takes about 24 hours). Once everything has dried, place your chosen photograph into its designated spot and display proudly!

Using Edmonton souvenir postcards as unique photo frames not only adds personality to any room but also serves as an inexpensive way to decorate while showcasing memories from travels past or present!

Incorporating postcards into existing decor themes

Once you have selected your Edmonton souvenir postcards, it's time to think about how best to incorporate them into your existing decor themes. The versatility of postcards makes them perfect for any room in the house and with a little creativity, they can be used to add character and charm to your living spaces.

One way to incorporate postcards is by using them as part of a gallery wall display. This involves grouping several different types of artwork together on one wall, creating an eclectic mix that adds visual interest and personality. To do this, select a variety of Edmonton souvenir postcards that complement each other in terms of color or theme. For example, if you have a beach-themed room, choose cards featuring images of Edmonton beaches or coastal scenes.

Another idea is to use postcards as part of a vignette display on shelves or tabletops. A vignette is essentially a small collection of items arranged together for decorative purposes. To create a vignette using postcards, select two or three cards that work well together and pair them with other objects such as candles, vases or figurines. This will add depth and dimensionality to the display while also showcasing your souvenirs.

If you're looking for something more unique than traditional picture frames but still want to showcase your favorite Edmonton memories through photographs then consider incorporating photo holders into your decor scheme! Photo holders are stands typically made from metal wire which allow you hang photos (or in our case -postcard) between their prongs so they appear suspended mid-air without having anything obstructing view behind it! These are great because not only do they offer functional purpose keeping things neat & organized but also provide interesting alternative take on displaying art around home without cluttering walls unnecessarily!

Finally don't forget about incorporating these souvenirs alongside other decorative elements like pillows and throws! If you've got some extra fabric lying around why not create custom pillowcases using designs inspired by some favorite places visited during travels? It'll make bedroom feel cozier while also giving nod back those wonderful experiences had abroad (or within Canada!).

Overall there are plenty ways use souvenir Post Cards bring personal touch home décor whether groupings shelves/vignettes displays all throughout rooms adding pops color where needed- get creative find what works best style needs space available at hand!

Using postcards as conversation starters and travel memories

Postcards are not only a great way to decorate your home, but they can also serve as conversation starters and travel memories. Displaying postcards from different cities or countries you've visited can be a great way to start conversations with guests and share your travel experiences. You can even use them as prompts for storytelling or to reminisce about fond memories from past trips.

Additionally, using postcards as home decor allows you to create a unique and personalized space that reflects your personality and interests. For example, if you love nature, you could display postcards featuring landscapes or wildlife. If you're into architecture, consider showcasing postcards of famous buildings or landmarks.

Postcards can also serve as reminders of places you've yet to visit. Seeing beautiful images of different destinations every day may inspire wanderlust and encourage you to plan future trips.

To make the most of your Edmonton souvenir postcards, try grouping them together by theme or color scheme for a cohesive look. You could frame them in matching frames or hang them on twine with mini clothespins for a more rustic feel.

Overall, using Edmonton souvenir postcards as home decor is an inexpensive and creative way to add personality and charm to any room while also serving as wonderful reminders of past travels and inspiration for future adventures.


In conclusion, using Edmonton souvenir postcards as home decor is a creative and affordable way to add personality and charm to any living space. By incorporating these postcards into your existing decor, you can create a unique and personalized look that reflects your interests and experiences. Whether you choose to display them in frames or use them as part of a larger gallery wall, the possibilities are endless. So next time you're looking for an easy DIY project or just want to spruce up your home, consider picking up some Edmonton souvenir postcards and let your creativity run wild!

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