How Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. Maintains High Standards for Pure Maple Syrup in Edmonton


History and Reputation of Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.

Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. is a family-owned and operated business that has been producing pure maple syrup for over 40 years. The company was founded by the current owner's grandfather, who started tapping trees in his backyard as a hobby. As word spread about the high-quality syrup he was producing, demand grew rapidly, and Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. was born.

Over the years, Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. has gained a reputation for producing some of the finest maple syrup in Edmonton and beyond. Their commitment to quality is evident from start to finish - they use only high-quality equipment and materials throughout their production process, ensuring that each batch of syrup is consistent in flavor and texture.

One thing that sets Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. apart from other producers is their focus on sustainability. They understand the importance of protecting our natural resources for future generations, which is why they have implemented environmentally-friendly practices wherever possible.

For example, they use reverse osmosis technology to remove excess water from their sap before boiling it down into syrup - this not only reduces energy consumption but also ensures that each drop of sap gets used efficiently.

Overall, Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s long history in the industry combined with their commitment to quality and sustainability make them an excellent choice for anyone looking for pure maple syrup in Edmonton or beyond. So next time you're craving some delicious pancakes or waffles topped with real Canadian maple syrup – give Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s products a try!

Importance of High Standards for Purity and Taste

The Definition of Pure Maple Syrup

Pure maple syrup is a natural sweetener made by collecting sap from maple trees, boiling it down to remove the excess water, and then filtering it to remove any impurities. It contains no additives or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Maintaining high standards for purity and taste is important for maple syrup producers because consumers expect a certain level of quality in their pure maple syrup products. Any deviation from these standards could result in negative reviews, loss of customers and decreased sales.

Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s Methods for Maintaining High Standards

Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd., based in Edmonton, has been producing pure maple syrup since 1976 and takes great pride in maintaining high standards for purity and taste. They achieve this by using traditional methods combined with modern technology that includes reverse osmosis machines, evaporators with efficient steam distribution systems along with sanitary equipment during production processes.

Their first step towards ensuring they produce only the highest quality pure maple syrup starts when the sap is harvested. Turkey Hill's team collects sap solely from healthy mature trees which are free from damage caused by insects or fungus growth while also avoiding tapping too many holes on one tree which can injure the tree bark leading to reduced production capacity over time.

Once collected through pipelines connected directly into each tree’s tap hole/s (reducing the risk of contamination), they use reverse osmosis machines that filter out naturally occurring minerals found within sap such as calcium before being boiled down further to reduce its volume thus saving energy costs used during evaporation process later on.

At this stage all equipment used must be kept clean; hence Turkey Hill employs strict hygiene protocols throughout including washing hand before entering processing facility , cleaning tubing lines between batches via sanitizing solutions applied at specific intervals preventing bacterial growth that may affect product safety/quality control measures taken seriously here!

Finally after being evaporated down into thick sticky syrup consistency they take extra care when filtering to remove any impurities/ debris, this ensures their pure maple syrup meets the high standards for purity and taste that their customers expect.

Industry Awards Earned by Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.

Awards and Recognition for Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.

Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. has been recognized with several industry awards for its pure maple syrup, demonstrating the company's steadfast commitment to quality. These include multiple gold medals at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, the largest combined indoor agricultural fair and international equestrian competition in the world. Additionally, Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. has received recognition from Taste Canada Awards for their pure maple syrup products.

These accolades are a testament to Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s dedication to producing high-quality pure maple syrup using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations of their family-owned business. By consistently earning these awards year after year, they continue to prove their unwavering commitment to providing customers with only the best quality products.

What These Awards Mean for Customers

For consumers who value high-quality pure maple syrup, choosing a brand that has earned prestigious industry awards such as those bestowed upon Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd., can provide peace of mind when making purchasing decisions. It means that customers are not only getting an exceptional product but also one with a proven track record of excellence within the industry.

Furthermore, these awards demonstrate that Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s products meet or exceed strict standards set by judges who are experts in evaluating taste and quality. This level of recognition indicates that customers can trust that every bottle of Maple Syrup produced by Turkey Hill Sugar Bush is made with care and attention to detail resulting in an unmatched flavor profile.

How Edmonton Residents Can Enjoy Pure Maple Syrup from a Trusted Supplier

Where to Find Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s Pure Maple Syrup in Edmonton

For those who are interested in purchasing pure maple syrup from Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. in Edmonton, there are several places where it can be found. One option is to visit local farmers' markets, such as the Old Strathcona Farmers' Market or the City Market Downtown. These markets often feature vendors selling locally sourced and produced food products, including pure maple syrup.

Another option is to check out specialty food stores throughout Edmonton that carry high-quality products like pure maple syrup. Some examples of these types of stores include Sunterra Market, Planet Organic Market, and Blush Lane Organic Market. Additionally, some grocery store chains like Safeway and Save-On-Foods may also have Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s pure maple syrup available for purchase.

What to Look for When Selecting a Supplier

When looking for a trusted supplier of pure maple syrup in Edmonton, there are a few things that consumers should keep in mind. First and foremost, it's important to look at the label on the bottle to ensure that it clearly states "100% Pure Maple Syrup" without any added sugars or preservatives.

It's also helpful if the label indicates where the product was made or produced so that buyers can verify its authenticity. Another factor worth considering is whether or not the supplier has been certified by organizations such as Canada Grade A Maple Syrup or International Maple Syrup Institute (IMSI), which help maintain standards for quality and purity within the industry.

Finally, when evaluating quality of product itself, customers should consider factors such as color (which varies depending on grade), consistency/thickness (which can indicate concentration levels), and taste (which should be sweet with subtle hints of caramel). By keeping these tips in mind when selecting a supplier for their next bottle of pure maple syrup from Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd., Edmonton residents can enjoy the highest quality product available.


In conclusion, Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. maintains high standards for pure maple syrup in Edmonton by prioritizing quality and sustainability from start to finish. Their commitment to environmentally-friendly production methods and strict grading criteria ensures that customers receive only the best product possible. Choosing Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. not only guarantees a delicious taste experience but also supports local Canadian farmers who are passionate about their craft. As consumers become more conscious of where their food comes from, it's important to support companies like this that prioritize transparency and ethical practices. So next time you're looking for some top-quality pure maple syrup, consider reaching out to Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.!

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