It’s time to purchase Christmas gifts for your loved ones!

Christmas is coming!
It’s time to purchase some gifts for your loved ones!


Gifts options:

1. Tree of Life Mug

The tree symbolizes all knowledge that has been given to us by the Creator and is the strength and foundation of all that is in life.
2. Strong Earth Women
Strong Earth Woman honors the important physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual connection women have with the earth.  The earth teaches us that we need balance in order to be healthy and well.
3. Guidance Moon Winter Hat

The inspiring night sky features the beautiful Big Dipper constellation and the guidance of the North Star. These people celebrate the cool energy of the full moon in winter while enjoying the warmth of the bonfire.
4. Moose Keychain

“Standing proud, he is the distance walker of the land and a swimmer from island to island.  As the ancestors watch over the land and caring for all living things, the spirit rocks shine their colours.” - John Rombough
5. Dancing Women Puzzles 1000pcs

Dancing Women celebrates the inter-generational relationships among women and girls and how important it is to work together as a community of women.

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