Support Indigenous Culture in Edmonton with Jackie Traverse's Bringing Good Medicine Tote Bag


Functional and stylish accessory

Looking for a versatile accessory that combines style and functionality? Look no further than Jackie Traverse's Bringing Good Medicine tote bag! This tote bag is the perfect size for everyday use, with ample space to carry your essentials without being too bulky or cumbersome. Made from durable materials, this tote bag is built to last - so you won't have to worry about it wearing out after just a few uses. And with its unique design featuring Indigenous-inspired artwork by Jackie Traverse, this tote bag is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Whether you're running errands around town or heading out on a weekend adventure, the Bringing Good Medicine tote bag has got you covered. So why not support Indigenous culture in Edmonton while treating yourself (or someone special) to a truly unique gift?

Traditional and contemporary cultural reflections

Jackie Traverse's Bringing Good Medicine Tote Bag is a unique product that blends traditional Indigenous culture with contemporary art. The design of the bag reflects both the artist's cultural heritage and her creative approach to modern art.

Traditional Indigenous culture

The tote bag features various elements of traditional Indigenous culture, including symbols and motifs that are significant to Traverse's Ojibwe heritage. One prominent feature is the Medicine Wheel, which represents balance and harmony in all aspects of life. The four quadrants of the wheel represent different stages of life, seasons, directions, animals, and colors.

Another element featured on the bag is birch bark biting designs. This ancient technique involves creating patterns by biting or pressing into folded pieces of birch bark. Birch bark was traditionally used for making canoes and baskets but has also been used as a canvas for storytelling through artwork.

Contemporary art

In addition to its traditional elements, Jackie Traverse's tote bag design incorporates contemporary artistic techniques such as digital illustration and graphic design software. She uses vibrant colors that pop against the black background to create an eye-catching contrast.

Traverse also employs a blend of shapes from nature like leaves with geometric lines resulting in an abstract composition that adds depth to her work while still maintaining recognizable forms from nature.

Overall, Jackie Traverse’s Bringing Good Medicine Tote Bag showcases an excellent combination between traditional indigenous culture beliefs blended with contemporary styles giving you not only a functional accessory but also one-of-a-kind piece reflecting important values - it makes it an extraordinary gift for anyone interested in indigenous cultures or looking for something unique yet practical.

Renowned artist Jackie Traverse

Background information

Jackie Traverse is a well-known Indigenous artist based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has been actively involved in the Indigenous art community for over 20 years and has contributed significantly to raising awareness about Indigenous culture and history through her artwork. Traverse's work is inspired by her personal experiences as an Anishinaabe woman and reflects the complexities of contemporary Indigenous identity.

Contributions to Indigenous art and culture

Traverse's artwork explores themes such as residential schools, missing and murdered Indigenous women, cultural appropriation, and environmental issues that affect First Nations communities. Her pieces are often characterized by bright colors, intricate designs, and a powerful message that challenges viewers to think critically about their own relationship with colonialism.

In addition to being an accomplished artist, Traverse is also a mentor who provides support for emerging artists from diverse backgrounds. She has participated in many initiatives aimed at promoting diversity in the arts industry while advocating for greater representation of marginalized groups.

Inspiration behind Bringing Good Medicine tote bag

The "Bringing Good Medicine" tote bag was created by Jackie Traverse as part of an initiative aimed at supporting local artists during the COVID-19 pandemic. The design features vibrant colors and traditional floral motifs that reflect Traverse's connection to nature. The tote bag serves not only as a functional accessory but also as a way to promote cultural understanding among individuals interested in supporting indigenous art.

Overall, Jackie Traverse's contributions to indigenous art have made her one of Canada's most respected contemporary artists working today. By purchasing one of her beautiful "Bringing Good Medicine" tote bags or any other piece from her collection , you can show your support for indigenous cultures while owning a unique work of art that celebrates tradition with modernity .

Support Indigenous artists and culture in Edmonton

Purchasing Jackie Traverse's Bringing Good Medicine tote bag is not only a great way to own a unique piece of Indigenous art but also support the local community. By buying from Indigenous artists, you are directly contributing to the preservation and growth of Indigenous culture and art in Edmonton. When you purchase this tote bag, a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting initiatives that help promote and preserve Indigenous culture such as teaching traditional practices or providing scholarships for young artists.

In addition to financial support, purchasing from local Indigenous businesses also helps create job opportunities within their communities which can lead to economic growth and self-sustainability. Supporting these businesses means supporting families and communities who have been historically marginalized.

Moreover, by choosing to buy from local artists like Jackie Traverse, you are helping keep traditional knowledge alive while advancing it through contemporary mediums. This exchange between cultures creates an opportunity for everyone involved to learn about different perspectives on life and history through artistic expression.

Finally, encouraging others to support local Indigenous artists is another crucial step in preserving this rich cultural heritage. By sharing information about events or promoting individual artist's work online or at markets will increase visibility for these talented individuals who may otherwise go unnoticed due to systemic barriers.

Great gift for anyone interested in Indigenous culture

The Bringing Good Medicine Tote Bag designed by Jackie Traverse is a great gift option for anyone interested in Indigenous culture and art. This tote bag not only serves as a practical item for carrying everyday essentials, but it also showcases beautiful artwork that celebrates the richness of Indigenous culture. The unique design of the tote bag features vibrant colors and intricate patterns that are inspired by traditional Anishinaabe teachings. It represents the significance of healing, unity, and growth within Indigenous communities.

This tote bag can make an excellent gift for various occasions such as birthdays, holidays or any other special events. It can be given to someone who loves to support local artists or those with an interest in learning more about Indigenous cultures worldwide. The Bringing Good Medicine Tote Bag can be gifted to students who are studying Indigenous history or arts programs as well as art collectors looking to expand their collection with meaningful pieces.

Furthermore, this product offers something different from mainstream gifts found at big-box stores; it's handmade locally using sustainable materials which makes each piece one-of-a-kind. This feature alone adds value beyond its aesthetic appeal because it supports ethical practices while promoting eco-consciousness.


In conclusion, supporting Indigenous culture in Edmonton is a meaningful way to contribute to the preservation and celebration of Indigenous traditions. Jackie Traverse's Bringing Good Medicine tote bag offers a functional, stylish, and culturally significant accessory that supports local Indigenous artists and their cultural heritage. By purchasing this tote bag, individuals can not only show their support for Indigenous art but also have a unique gift or personal item that reflects the beauty of Indigenous culture. Overall, investing in items like Jackie Traverse's tote bag can help raise awareness about the importance of preserving and celebrating our diverse cultural heritage while also making a positive impact on local communities.

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