Supporting Canadian Maple Syrup Industry with Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s Maple Syrup Infused Coffee


The importance of supporting the Canadian maple syrup industry

The significance of the Canadian maple syrup industry in the national economy

Maple Syrup is often known as liquid gold, and Canada is one of the largest producers of this sweet treat. According to Statistics Canada, in 2020 alone, Canada produced over 13 million gallons of maple syrup with a total value exceeding $550 million. This makes it a significant contributor to the country's agriculture sector and overall economy.

The production of Maple Syrup also creates job opportunities for thousands of Canadians each year. From seasonal workers on sugar bushes (where sap from maple trees is collected) to employees working in processing plants and distribution centers, a thriving industry supports local communities across several provinces.

The benefits of supporting local communities through the industry

Supporting industries that operate locally helps create jobs within those areas while stimulating economic growth. In addition to providing employment opportunities, these industries help develop regional identities by promoting unique products and services that are native to their area.

By buying Maple Syrup made in Canada at small businesses or family-run operations rather than imported brands sold by large corporations, consumers can contribute directly towards supporting these local communities. Supporting these businesses could mean keeping traditions alive while helping provide financial stability for families who have been running sugarbushes for generations.

Statistics and facts to support claims made

According to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada reports from 2019-20:

  • Quebec was responsible for producing approximately 92% percent of all Canadian Maple Syrup.

  • There were over 11 thousand farms operating throughout Quebec.

  • Over $300 million worth of Maple Products were exported worldwide

  • Approximately 2000 processors run manufacturing facilities responsible for producing different types such as granulated sugar or candies beyond traditional syrups

Overall, there are numerous reasons why we should support our home-grown Maple Syrup Industry including contributing positively towards our economy's growth while maintaining traditional values passed down through generations.

Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. as a leader in the industry

A brief history of Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.

Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. is a family-owned and operated maple syrup business located in Kettleby, Ontario, Canada. The company was founded by Richard and Marilyn Schott in 1976 with just 500 taps on their property. Over the years, they have grown to become one of the largest maple syrup producers in Ontario with over 10,000 taps on their own farm and an additional 5,000 taps on other farmers' properties.

Contribution to the Canadian maple syrup industry since 1976

Since its inception in 1976, Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. has been a leader in the Canadian maple syrup industry. They were one of the first companies to introduce modern technology to maple syrup production such as vacuum pumps and reverse osmosis machines which allowed for more efficient sap collection and processing.

In addition to technological advancements, Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. has also played an important role in promoting sustainable forestry practices within the industry. They have implemented a forest management plan that ensures responsible harvesting practices are followed while maintaining healthy forests for future generations.

Statistics and facts supporting claims

Today, Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s operations span across three farms covering approximately 900 acres of land dedicated solely to producing high-quality maple syrups and products made from them.

Their commitment to quality has been recognized through numerous awards including several gold medals at both national and international competitions for their pure organic maple syrups.

As leaders within the industry, they emphasize education through tours of their facilities where visitors can learn about all aspects of Maple Syrup production from tree tapping techniques up until boiling process ending up into final product's packaging.

Overall,Turkey Hill Sugarbush ltd.'s contribution towards providing high quality pure organic Maple Syrup infused coffee not only supports local industries but promotes environmental sustainability through innovative technologies.Explore your taste buds and support local Canadian Maple Syrup Industry by trying out Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd's Maple Syrup Infused Coffee.

High-quality Canadian maple syrup in coffee products

Flavors and varieties of maple syrup infused coffee

Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. is a Canadian company that specializes in producing high-quality maple syrup products, including their popular maple syrup-infused coffee. The process of infusing the maple syrup into the coffee beans involves roasting them together to create a unique flavor profile that perfectly balances sweetness with bitterness.

Their range of flavors includes classic options like Original Maple, as well as more experimental blends such as Cinnamon Roll and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. As someone who has tried several different flavors, I can attest to how delicious each one is – they all have a distinct taste that sets them apart from other flavored coffees on the market.

Not only do these products taste great, but they also use locally sourced Canadian maple syrup which adds an extra layer of authenticity to each cup. By supporting Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd., you are not only indulging in a tasty beverage but also helping sustain Canada's booming maple industry.

According to recent statistics, Canada produces around 71% of the world's supply of pure maple syrup. By using local ingredients in their products, companies like Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. are contributing positively to both the environment and economy by reducing carbon emissions associated with long-distance transportation while providing support for small-scale producers.

Benefits of using Canadian maple syrup in coffee

Maple Syrup isn't just sweetener; it has health benefits too! In fact, research shows that it contains up to 24 different antioxidants which fight free radicals in our bodies responsible for diseases such as cancer or heart disease!

In addition, studies have shown that consuming small amounts regularly may help regulate blood sugar levels thanks due its natural low glycemic index - meaning it doesn't cause sharp spikes or drops in blood sugar levels after consumption unlike refined sugars often found used instead!

By choosing Turkish Hill Sugarbush’s line-up made from this natural sweetener alternative Canadians provide their customers with the benefits of natural sweeteners that can be incorporated into a balanced diet, guilt-free.

Supporting Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. also contributes to Canada's maple industry which is worth approximately $500 million per year and employs over 11,000 people across the country. By purchasing locally sourced products like these, we are supporting not just local farmers but also communities across Canada.

How to purchase Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s maple syrup infused coffee products

If you're interested in trying out Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s range of maple syrup-infused coffees for yourself, there are several ways to get your hands on them. You can purchase them directly from their website or through third-party retailers such as Amazon and Walmart.

For Canadians who prefer shopping offline, some local markets may carry their products too! Just check with your nearest grocery store if they have any in stock – it’s always nice to support local businesses wherever possible!


In conclusion, supporting the Canadian maple syrup industry is crucial for the local economy and preserving a beloved Canadian tradition. By purchasing products such as Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s maple syrup infused coffee, consumers can enjoy a delicious beverage while also contributing to the sustainability of small-scale maple syrup producers. Additionally, choosing locally sourced ingredients supports our communities and reduces carbon emissions from transportation. As coffee lovers and conscious consumers, we have the power to make a positive impact on our environment and support local industries by making mindful choices in our daily lives. Let's continue to celebrate Canada's rich culinary heritage by enjoying products like maple syrup infused coffee while supporting those who bring it to us with care and passion.

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