Supporting Indigenous Art with Morning Blessings Card by Betty Albert


Introduction to Wabimeguil Art Studio

Bringing Indigenous Art to North America

Indigenous art has long been a vital part of Canadian culture, and the Wabimeguil Art Studio is working hard to ensure that it continues to thrive. This studio is dedicated to promoting and distributing indigenous artwork throughout North America. Founded by Betty Albert, a member of the Mi'kmaq First Nation in Newfoundland, Wabimeguil Art Studio aims to provide greater visibility for indigenous artists while also making their work more accessible to people across Canada and beyond.

The Importance of Supporting Indigenous Artists

For many years, indigenous artists have struggled with limited opportunities for exposure and recognition in the mainstream art world. Despite this, they have continued to create stunning pieces that reflect their unique cultural heritage and artistic traditions. By supporting these artists through initiatives like the Morning Blessings Card project from Wabimeguil Art Studio, we can help ensure that their voices are heard loud and clear.

About the Morning Blessings Card Project

One way in which Wabimeguil Art Studio is contributing to this cause is through its innovative Morning Blessings Card project. These beautiful cards feature original artwork created by talented indigenous artists from communities all across Canada. Each card includes an inspiring message designed to start your day off on a positive note.

By purchasing one of these cards or sharing them with friends and family members, you can help support not only individual artists but also the wider community as a whole. As Betty Albert herself puts it: "We believe that every purchase made supports our vision of bringing hope back into our communities."

The Unique Style and Techniques of Betty Albert

Betty Albert's Unique Style

Betty Albert is a gifted Indigenous artist from Canada who has a unique style that is easily recognizable. Her artwork is characterized by bold colors, intricate patterns, and a strong connection to nature. Her works often feature animals, plants, and landscapes, as well as traditional Indigenous designs. The Morning Blessings card, in particular, showcases her style with its vibrant colors and intricate details.

Techniques Used by Betty Albert

Betty Albert uses a variety of techniques to create her distinctive works of art. She incorporates traditional Indigenous designs and patterns in her work, often using paint and ink to create intricate details. She also uses a technique called sgraffito, which involves scratching the surface of the paint to reveal a contrasting color underneath. This technique adds depth and texture to her artwork.

Other Works by Betty Albert

In addition to the Morning Blessings card, Betty Albert has created a wide range of other works of art. Her portfolio includes paintings, prints, and sculptures, all of which showcase her unique style and techniques. Some of her other notable works include "Raven and Moon," "Eagle's Vision," and "Salmon Run."

The Significance of Morning Blessings Card

The Morning Blessings card is a significant piece in Betty Albert's body of work. It features a striking image of a hummingbird surrounded by traditional Indigenous designs and patterns. The hummingbird is a symbol of joy and happiness in many Indigenous cultures, and this card is meant to bring joy and blessings to the recipient. The vibrant colors and intricate details of the card reflect Betty Albert's unique style and techniques, making it a perfect example of her work. By purchasing this card, you are not only supporting Betty Albert's art, but also supporting Indigenous artists and their communities.

Supporting Indigenous Art with the Morning Blessings Card

Importance of supporting indigenous art

Indigenous art is an integral part of Canadian culture, reflecting the history and traditions of Indigenous peoples. By supporting indigenous artists and purchasing their artworks, we can help preserve these cultural treasures and support the livelihoods of these communities. Moreover, it's essential to recognize that for centuries, Indigenous people have been marginalized by colonialism and systemic racism in Canada. Supporting indigenous art is an act of reconciliation and a way to show solidarity with Indigenous communities.

Benefits of purchasing the Morning Blessings Card as a Canadian souvenir

One way to support indigenous art is by purchasing the Morning Blessings card designed by Betty Albert. The card features beautiful artwork inspired by traditional Coast Salish designs along with a lovely morning blessing message. It makes for an excellent gift or souvenir for anyone visiting or living in Canada who wants to connect with its rich cultural heritage.

By buying this card, you are not only getting a unique piece of artwork but also contributing directly to Alberta's community as she donates 10% from every sale towards funding local initiatives such as youth programs on Vancouver Island. This means that your purchase has far-reaching social benefits beyond just owning a beautiful piece of artwork.

Personal anecdote about supporting indigenous art

I remember once attending an exhibition featuring contemporary Indigenous Art at my local museum when I came across some stunning pieces made by First Nations artist Shannon Thunderbird. As I walked around her display feeling captivated by her expressive works filled with deep meaning and powerful symbolism, I couldn't resist buying one for my home office wall.

Since then, every time someone visits my workspace they always point out how strikingly beautiful it looks thanks to Shannon's painting hanging there prominently on my wall – reminding me daily how much joy comes from investing in quality pieces created through generations-old techniques passed down over centuries within our country’s diverse cultures.


Supporting indigenous artists helps keep traditional knowledge alive while providing economic opportunities where needed most - so please consider purchasing Morning Blessings cards today! You can buy them online or find them at select retailers across Canada; be sure to check out Betty Albert’s website or follow her Instagram account @bettyalbertart if you want more information about other items available too!


In conclusion, supporting indigenous art is not only a way to appreciate the beauty of their culture but also a way to support their livelihoods. Betty Albert's Morning Blessings Card is an excellent example of how we can make a difference with our purchases. By buying this card, we are not only acquiring a beautiful piece of art but also helping the artist and her community. It is important for us as consumers to be aware of where our money goes and how it impacts others. Supporting indigenous art helps preserve their traditions, history, and customs while also promoting cultural understanding and awareness among different communities. Let's make a difference by purchasing indigenous artwork that represents Canada's unique heritage!

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