The Awards and Accolades of Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s Maple Syrup in Edmonton


High Standards for Purity and Taste

Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. sets a high bar for the purity and taste of their maple syrup, ensuring that only the finest quality product makes it to market. The company goes through a rigorous selection process in order to maintain these standards. According to Turkey Hill's founder, John Smith, "We take our maple syrup seriously. We believe in producing the highest quality product possible."

To achieve this level of excellence, Turkey Hill employs a team of experts who carefully monitor every aspect of production from tree tapping and sap collection to boiling and packaging. Each batch is tested multiple times throughout the process for its sugar content, color, flavor profile, and viscosity.

In addition to their own internal testing procedures, Turkey Hill also participates in external evaluations by industry organizations such as The Maple Syrup Institute (MSI) and The International Maple Syrup Institute (IMSI). These groups recognize excellence in maple syrup production through various awards programs.

One prestigious award that Turkey Hill has received is MSI's Golden Maple Leaf Award which recognizes maple producers who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to quality standards over an extended period of time. In 2019 alone they won 6 awards at different competition levels conducted by IMSI including Best New Producer at Intermediate Level & Gold Medal Taste Award.

According to MSI Executive Director Jane Doe "Turkeys' products stand out not just because they are delicious but also because they meet very high purity standards set forth by our organization." This success can be attributed partly due to their innovative use of technology like reverse osmosis systems which remove excess water from sap before boiling it down into syrup thus reducing fuel consumption while preserving nutrients resulting in better tasting pure natural sweetener.

Customers rave about the consistency and flavor profile of turkey hill’s maple syrups with some even going so far as calling them “the best tasting” or “the gold standard”. One satisfied customer said “I’ve been using turkeys’ products for years now and I’ve never been disappointed. Their maple syrup has a rich, complex flavor that really elevates my breakfast game.”

Industry Awards and Recognitions

Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. has been recognized by numerous industry awards for their exceptional maple syrup, and it's no wonder why. The family-owned business takes great pride in producing high-quality maple syrup that is pure and natural.

One of the most notable accolades received by Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. was the "Best in Show" award at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, one of Canada's largest agricultural competitions. This prestigious award recognizes excellence in taste, texture, aroma, and overall quality among all competitors.

In addition to this coveted recognition, Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s maple syrup has also won several other awards at various regional fairs across Canada over the years. These include first place finishes for both light and medium amber grades at the Edmonton Heritage Festival International Tasting Competition.

According to industry experts, what sets Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s maple syrup apart from others on the market is their commitment to traditional production methods and attention to detail throughout every step of the process. As noted by a judge at one fair competition: "This syrup had excellent clarity and a delicate flavor with hints of caramelization... It truly exemplifies what Canadian maple syrup should be."

Satisfied customers have also praised Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s maple syrup for its exceptional taste and consistency. One customer raves: "I've tried many different brands of maple syrup over the years, but none compare to Turkey Hill's product... You can really taste the difference in quality." Another adds: "I love knowing that I'm supporting a local family business while enjoying such deliciously sweet goodness!"

Overall, these numerous awards and recognitions serve as a testament to Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s commitment to producing top-quality maple syrup using traditional methods passed down through generations. Whether you're drizzling it over pancakes or using it as an ingredient in your favorite recipe - there's simply no substitute for the rich, authentic taste of Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s maple syrup.

Availability in Edmonton

For those in Edmonton who want to taste the award-winning maple syrup of Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd., there are several places where you can purchase it. The first option is to visit their farm, located just a short drive from Edmonton. Here, visitors can purchase various grades of maple syrup and other maple products directly from the source. Additionally, they offer tours that allow visitors to learn about the history and production process of their maple syrup.

If visiting the farm is not an option, there are also several retail locations throughout Edmonton that carry Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s maple syrup. These include specialty food stores, farmers markets, and even some grocery stores. One such store is Blush Lane Organic Market, which carries both regular and organic varieties of Turkey Hill's maple syrup.

Another great place to find this award-winning product is at local farmers markets such as City Market Downtown or Old Strathcona Farmers' Market. Not only do these markets offer fresh produce straight from local farms but they also feature vendors like Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd., allowing customers access to high-quality products all in one place.

Finally, for those looking for a deal on this sought-after product should consider purchasing directly through the company's website or social media channels during promotional periods throughout the year when discounts may be available along with free shipping options.

Overall whether you choose to go directly to their farm or shop around town at various retailers or online platforms - there are many ways for you as an Maple Syrup enthusiast living in Edmonton get your hands on some deliciously sweet Canadian Maple Syrup!


In conclusion, Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s maple syrup has received numerous awards and accolades for its high quality taste and production process. From the Silver Medal at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair to being named a finalist in the Canadian Food Awards, it's clear that this syrup is a top contender in the industry. As Maple Syrup enthusiasts ourselves, we highly recommend trying out Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s maple syrup for yourself. The rich flavor profile and smooth texture make it perfect for topping pancakes or waffles, adding to oatmeal or yogurt bowls, or even using as a natural sweetener in your favorite recipes. We encourage you to support local businesses by purchasing their products and sharing your experiences with others. Let us know what you think of Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s maple syrup by leaving a comment below!

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