The Best Places to Display Your Canada Souvenir Magnet Pewter Dangle in Edmonton



Adding a Canadian touch to your kitchen can be as simple as displaying your Canada souvenir magnet pewter dangle on your fridge. This is an easy and inexpensive way to show off your Canadian pride while also adding some personality to your kitchen decor. The fridge is one of the most visible spots in any kitchen, making it the perfect place to display a souvenir from Canada. Your family and friends will surely notice this unique addition and appreciate the effort you put into decorating your home. Plus, every time you open the fridge door, you'll be reminded of fond memories from your trip across Canada or even just around Edmonton.

In addition to being visually appealing, magnets are also practical items that serve a purpose beyond decoration alone. They're great for holding up important notes, grocery lists or pictures of loved ones - all while keeping them within reach and organized in one spot on the fridge door. Moreover, if you have kids at home who love collecting souvenirs - especially magnets - they'll surely enjoy seeing their new Canadian magnet added onto their collection.

When selecting where exactly on the fridge to place your magnet pewter dangle there are various options available depending on how creative or functional you want it displayed:

Front and Center

One option would be placing it front-and-center so everyone entering through sees it right away when opening up the refrigerator doors like an art piece; this choice works best with larger sized magnetic collectibles such as map replicas or flag-shaped souvenirs that need ample space for full-viewing.

Side by side

Another option could be placing alongside other smaller-sized magnets which create more visual interest due its arrangement; many people use this method during travelling since different destinations visited often mean diverse types of memorabilia obtained along each stop which makes mixing them together creates an eclectic look.

Aesthetic value

Lastly but not least, choosing where specifically according to aesthetic value should never go underestimated despite seeming unimportant compared functionality purposes mentioned before: symmetry matching colours schemes used throughout room designs help make any object stand out better- creating contrast between bright backgrounds vs dark-coloured objects adds depth perception too!


Metal Filing Cabinet

If you work in an office, displaying your Canada souvenir magnet pewter dangle on a metal filing cabinet is a great way to show off your Canadian pride. The sleek and shiny surface of the filing cabinet provides the perfect backdrop for the intricate design of the magnet. Not only does it add a unique decoration to your workspace, but it also serves as a conversation starter with coworkers and clients alike. Additionally, having Canadian memorabilia in your office can help promote national identity and unity.


Another option for displaying your Canada souvenir magnet pewter dangle in an office setting is on your desk. Placing it strategically on top of papers or notes creates a personalized touch to an otherwise mundane workspace. The small size of the magnet makes it easy to incorporate into any desk setup without taking up too much space. Plus, seeing this little piece of home throughout the day can boost morale and provide reminders of fond memories from trips across Canada.

Overall, incorporating souvenirs like this into our daily lives helps us celebrate our heritage and appreciate where we come from. Displaying them prominently within our workplaces gives others insight into who we are as individuals while adding touches that make our spaces feel more inviting and personal. Whether you choose to display yours at home or in an office setting, showcasing these treasures allows you to share stories about travels across Canada while promoting appreciation for all things Canadian!


A unique and eye-catching decoration for your car dashboard can be achieved by displaying your Canada souvenir magnet pewter dangle. Not only does it add a personal touch to your vehicle, but it also shows off your Canadian pride while on the go. One of the best ways to display this magnet is by placing it on the dashboard or any other visible surface in your car. This way, every time you drive around Edmonton or beyond, people will notice and admire your beautiful Canadian souvenirs.

Another great idea is to place the magnet on the back of your car as you travel around town. You can attach it to a magnetic strip that sticks onto the metal parts of your vehicle's bodywork or use adhesive tape if you don't have access to one. It's important to ensure that the placement doesn't obstruct any mirrors or windows in order for safety purposes.

In addition, if you own an RV or trailer, putting up magnets with different designs from various places across Canada will make for an interesting collection over time! You could even create a storybook out of all these travels!

Lastly, if you prefer not using adhesive tapes nor magnetic strips but still want to show off souvenirs from Canada - try hanging them from rearview mirror instead so they are easily seen and do not damage anything within reach like paint surfaces etcetera.

Overall, there are many creative ways for visitors and residents alike who live in Edmonton area and want something fun yet patriotic displayed prominently somewhere special – whether at home or when driving around town showing their love for all things Canadian through unique items such as these charming Pewter Dangles decorated with iconic Canadian symbols!


For students, a great place to display your Canada souvenir magnet pewter dangle is on your school locker. Whether you're in elementary school or university, lockers are the perfect spot to show off your Canadian pride while also personalizing your space. Not only will it add some flair to an otherwise boring metal door, but it's also a conversation starter for classmates and teachers alike.

To attach the magnet to your locker, simply place it on any flat surface of the door. Since these magnets come with strong adhesive backing, they'll stay securely in place until you're ready to remove them at the end of the year. Plus, if you have multiple souvenirs from different parts of Canada or other countries altogether, you can create a mini travel wall right on your locker!

If you're worried about damaging school property or violating any rules regarding what can be displayed on lockers, check with administration beforehand. In most cases though, as long as it's not offensive or inappropriate content being displayed and doesn't damage surfaces when removed later on - there should be no issue whatsoever.

Overall locking up a Canada souvenir magnet pewter dangle has its benefits such as showing off one’s patriotism in style without causing much trouble making it an easy choice for students who want to personalize their own space!


If you have friends and family members who love Edmonton and Canada as much as you do, giving them a magnet souvenir would make for an excellent gift. This small and simple token is the perfect way to share your appreciation of this beautiful country with others. It's also a great way to show off your hometown pride, especially if you're sending it to someone living abroad or traveling outside the city. Whether they use it as a fridge decoration, office accessory or even an addition to their travel collection, the pewter dangle will serve as a constant reminder of their connection with Edmonton and Canada. Additionally, these magnets are very affordable but still highly valued by those who receive them making it an ideal option for anyone on a budget. So next time when you want to impress your loved ones without breaking the bank consider getting them one of these souvenirs from any of the shops mentioned above in this article that offer unique Canadian-themed items that are perfect for gifting purposes!


In conclusion, there are plenty of great places in Edmonton to display your Canada souvenir magnet pewter dangle. From your fridge to your car, there are many options to show off your Canadian pride. Don't be afraid to get creative with how you display your souvenir. You could even use it as a decoration on your backpack or purse. No matter where you choose to display it, your Canada souvenir magnet pewter dangle is sure to be a conversation starter and a great way to show off your love for Canada. So go ahead and get creative with how you showcase your souvenir!

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