The Perfect Edmonton Gift: Magically Delicious Tea from an Award-Winning Maple Syrup Company


Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. - A Leader in the Maple Syrup Industry

History and Background

Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. is a family-owned maple syrup company that has been in the industry for over 45 years. Established in 1976, this award-winning company is located in Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada. The founder of Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd., Leonard Hilton Sr., had a passion for farming and decided to tap into the potential of maple syrup production on his farm. With hard work and dedication, he created a successful business that became known for its high-quality products.

Over time, Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. expanded its operations by acquiring new land and tapping more trees to meet the growing demand for their maple syrup products. Today, they are one of the largest producers of pure Canadian maple syrup in Ontario with over 18,000 taps on their property.

The success of Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. can be attributed to their commitment to quality and sustainability practices when it comes to producing their maple syrup products. They use only natural methods such as wood-fired evaporators during processing which gives their product its distinct flavour profile compared with other industrialized processes used today.

In addition to producing premium-grade pure Canadian Maple Syrup (which has won numerous awards), Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd also offers various value-added products like candies & confections made from Grade A syrups along with Magic Maple Tea – an unique blend developed from premium black tea infused with real organic cinnamon bits mixed wih sweet tender touch of Maple Syrup making this perfect gift option for Edmontonians who prefer something special yet naturally healthy at same time.

Overall, if you’re looking for a unique gift option that embodies both natural goodness and exceptional taste then consider gifting your loved ones Magically Delicious Tea from an Award-Winning Maple Syrup Company - Turkey Hill Sugar Bush Limited!

Award-Winning Quality

Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. has received numerous awards and recognition for their exceptional products, making them a top choice for gift-giving in Edmonton. Their maple syrup has won first place at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto multiple times, as well as being awarded Best Maple Syrup Producer by Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association. Additionally, they have been recognized by Food & Wine magazine as one of the best artisanal food producers in Canada. With such distinguished accolades, it's no wonder that Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s tea is known to be of award-winning quality too. By choosing their tea as a gift option, you can trust that you are selecting nothing but the very best for your loved ones or colleagues in Edmonton. The company's commitment to producing high-quality products ensures that every sip of their magically delicious tea is an experience like no other - one that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who receives it as a gift.

Delicious and Thoughtful Gift Option

Unique Flavors of Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s Tea

Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. offers a wide range of tea flavors that are unique and delicious. Their tea is crafted from high-quality ingredients, including the finest natural flavors such as maple, blueberry, raspberry, and many others. The natural flavorings make each cup of tea an unforgettable experience for any tea lover in Edmonton. Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s has become so popular that it earned awards at various national competitions.

The company's use of real maple syrup in its products gives the teas a distinct Canadian taste that you won't find anywhere else in the world. The Maple Syrup flavor is their best-selling item due to its rich aroma and smooth taste which makes it perfect for pairing with breakfast foods or desserts.

Other unique flavors like Blueberry and Raspberry have just enough sweetness to satisfy your cravings without being overpowering or artificial-tasting. These fruity options are an excellent choice for those who love fruit-infused beverages but want to avoid sugary drinks.

A Thoughtful Gift Option

Not only does Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s tea offer exceptional quality and flavor choices, but it also makes an ideal gift option for anyone living in Edmonton looking for something special yet affordable.

Whether it’s someone's birthday or holiday season coming around again, this would be a welcomed addition because everyone loves receiving gifts they can enjoy! It also serves well as a thank-you present showing gratitude towards friends' hospitality during dinner parties or other events where you've been treated kindly by others.

This gift will particularly appeal to foodies who appreciate quality products made using locally sourced ingredients while supporting local businesses simultaneously - making them feel good about giving back to their community through purchase decisions too!

Moreover, if you know someone who loves drinking hot beverages all year round regardless of weather conditions outside then this could be the perfect present; likewise, if there’s someone who enjoys trying new and unique flavors, then Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s tea would make an excellent choice as they have a wide range of options to choose from.


Overall, if you are an Edmontonian looking for a unique and high-quality gift option, Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s magically delicious tea is the perfect choice. With their award-winning maple syrup company background, they have crafted a one-of-a-kind tea that captures the essence of Canadian culture. Their use of natural ingredients and commitment to sustainable practices make their product not only delicious but also environmentally friendly. Additionally, their beautifully designed packaging adds to the overall appeal of this gift option. Whether it's for a special occasion or just because, Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s tea will impress any recipient with its taste and thoughtfulness. So why settle for generic gifts when you can give something truly special? Choose Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s magically delicious tea as your next Edmonton gift option!

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