The Significance of Authentic Indigenous Art in Edmonton Souvenirs: Jackie Traverse's Bringing Good Medicine Plates


Showcasing Edmonton's Diverse Culture

Edmonton is a city that prides itself on its cultural diversity. People from all walks of life and backgrounds call this city home, including many Indigenous peoples who have deep roots in the area. As such, it's important to celebrate this rich heritage by showcasing authentic Indigenous art in souvenirs available around the city.

When tourists come to Edmonton, they often seek out mementos to take back with them as reminders of their trip. These souvenirs can range from t-shirts and keychains to more unique items like handmade pottery or jewelry. By incorporating authentic Indigenous art into these souvenir options, visitors are given the opportunity to not only support local artisans but also learn about and appreciate the culture of those who have called this land home for thousands of years.

One artist who has been making waves in Edmonton's artistic community is Jackie Traverse, a member of the Anishinaabe Nation originally from Lake St Martin First Nation in Manitoba. Her Bringing Good Medicine Plates feature traditional designs and symbols that hold significant meaning within her culture. For example, one plate depicts a turtle surrounded by medicine wheels which represent harmony between human beings and nature - something deeply important within Indigenous teachings.

By choosing souvenirs like Traverse's plates over mass-produced trinkets made overseas, collectors are investing in both quality craftsmanship as well as supporting local communities through ethical business practices. Additionally, having these pieces on display at home serves as an ongoing reminder of how diverse cultures contribute to our collective history and understanding of what it means to be Canadian.

Overall, showcasing authentic Indigenous art in Edmonton souvenirs is not just about providing visitors with aesthetically pleasing keepsakes; it's about recognizing the importance of celebrating Canada's rich cultural heritage while honoring those whose traditions continue to shape our society today. Through initiatives like featuring artists such as Jackie Traverse along with other indigenous creators across North America we can ensure that future generations will continue learning about these vibrant communities long after their visit has ended.

The Bringing Good Medicine Plates Design

The design of Jackie Traverse's Bringing Good Medicine Plates is a significant cultural reflection. Through the use of symbols, colours and nature elements, the plates embody indigenous culture and tradition.

The Significance of the Circle

The circle is a significant symbol in indigenous culture and is reflected in the design of the Bringing Good Medicine Plates. In many Indigenous cultures, the circle represents unity, wholeness, and interconnectedness. Additionally, it symbolizes harmony between individuals and communities. By incorporating circles into her designs, Jackie Traverse pays homage to this important aspect of Indigenous culture.

The Use of Traditional Colours

The use of traditional colours in the Bringing Good Medicine Plates design is a nod to indigenous art practices. Many Indigenous artists utilize natural pigments found within their local environment to create vibrant hues such as reds from clay or ochre pigment extracted from rocks. Similarly, Jackie Traverse uses earthy tones like browns and greens along with bright blues to create an authentic representation that reflects her roots as an Anishinaabe artist.

The Incorporation of Nature

The Bringing Good Medicine Plates design incorporates elements of nature which are common themes in indigenous art; animals play an essential role in Indigenous spirituality as they have been respected as equals alongside humans for centuries. Each plate features different animals native to Canada- including bears or wolves- whose presence brings reverence towards these creatures back into everyday life instead just being seen on tourist trinkets without any meaning behind them.

Jackie Traverse's Multi-disciplinary Approach

Jackie Traverse's multi-disciplinary approach to art allows her to incorporate cultural reflections into her designs. Traverse is a Métis artist from Winnipeg who has experience in various fields such as painting, sculpture, and graphic design. Her diverse background enables her to bring a unique perspective to each piece she creates.

Traverse's Background

Traverse's background in various art forms allows her to bring a unique perspective to her designs. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Manitoba and has since been working as an artist full-time. Her work has been featured in numerous galleries across Canada and internationally. Through her artwork, Traverse explores themes related to identity, culture, and history.

The Importance of Supporting Indigenous Artists

Supporting indigenous artists like Jackie Traverse is important for preserving cultural traditions and promoting diversity. By supporting their work, we help ensure that traditional practices are not lost over time while simultaneously contributing towards building more inclusive communities where everyone feels valued and seen.

Furthermore, purchasing authentic Indigenous souvenirs supports the local economy by providing income opportunities for Indigenous artists who may otherwise struggle financially due to systemic barriers they face within society at large.

Authenticity of Each Plate

One of the key aspects that make Jackie Traverse's Bringing Good Medicine Plates stand out is their authenticity. Each plate features the artist's signature and tribal affiliation, ensuring that buyers are getting a genuine piece of Indigenous art. This is particularly important when it comes to souvenirs, as tourists often want to take home a memento from their travels that accurately represents the local culture and traditions. The inclusion of the artist's signature adds an extra layer of credibility and trustworthiness to each plate, indicating that they were created with care and attention to detail by a skilled artisan who takes pride in their work. Furthermore, knowing the tribal affiliation of each artist can help collectors understand more about specific Indigenous cultures and traditions, making these plates not only beautiful works of art but also educational tools for those interested in learning more about Indigenous history and heritage. Overall, this emphasis on authenticity makes Jackie Traverse's Bringing Good Medicine Plates a must-have for anyone looking for high-quality Indigenous art souvenirs or collectibles.

Perfect Addition to Any Edmonton Souvenir Collection

For those looking to add authentic indigenous art to their Edmonton souvenir collection, Jackie Traverse's Bringing Good Medicine Plates are a must-have. These beautiful ceramics feature intricate designs and vibrant colors that reflect the artist's Ojibwe heritage. The plates are not only visually stunning but also have cultural significance as they represent traditional healing practices. Visitors to Edmonton can take home a piece of Indigenous culture and support local artists by purchasing these plates.

In addition to the Bringing Good Medicine Plates, there are many other authentic indigenous art souvenirs for visitors to consider when visiting Edmonton. One option is birch bark baskets made by members of the Métis community using traditional techniques passed down through generations. Another great souvenir is beaded jewelry, which can range from simple bracelets and earrings to more elaborate necklaces and headdresses.

For those interested in textiles, woven blankets featuring traditional designs make excellent souvenirs or gifts for loved ones back home. Visitors may also want to check out pottery made by local artists using clay sourced from nearby riverbeds.

No matter what type of souvenir visitors choose, it is important that they prioritize authenticity and support local Indigenous artists in their purchases. By doing so, tourists can help preserve this rich cultural heritage while also taking home a beautiful reminder of their time in Edmonton.


In conclusion, incorporating authentic indigenous art into Edmonton souvenirs is significant not only in promoting cultural diversity but also in supporting local indigenous artists like Jackie Traverse. These souvenirs serve as a reminder of the rich history and traditions of the First Nations people who have inhabited this land for thousands of years. By purchasing these items, tourists can support the preservation and celebration of indigenous culture while taking home a unique and meaningful souvenir that represents their time spent in Edmonton. Moreover, collectors of indigenous art can add to their collection with pieces that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also culturally significant. Overall, integrating authentic indigenous art into Edmonton souvenirs provides an opportunity to celebrate diversity and promote cultural understanding while supporting local artists' livelihoods.

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