The Story Behind Betty Albert's All Children Matter Fridge Magnet


Discovering Cree Heritage

Betty Albert, an Indigenous artist from Alberta, Canada, has been creating art for over 20 years. As a child, she was unaware of her Cree heritage and grew up disconnected from her cultural roots. However, in the late 1990s, Betty began to explore traditional Indigenous art forms and discovered a passion for beadwork and quillwork. Through this exploration of her Cree heritage, she found a deep connection to her ancestors' traditions and teachings.

The Influence on Betty's Art

Betty's newfound understanding of her Cree heritage greatly influenced her art. She often incorporates traditional symbols such as flowers and animals into her pieces while also incorporating modern elements like bright colors or unique designs. Her artwork reflects both the history and beauty of Indigenous culture while also showcasing its continued evolution.

One notable piece that showcases both Betty's artistic talent and dedication to Indigenous issues is the "All Children Matter" fridge magnet. This powerful design features four hands reaching outwards towards each other with children’s faces in the palms representing each race; white, black yellow and red bodies together making one world – all connected through our children - who matter most! It is a poignant reminder of the importance of inclusivity within our society.

Significance of the All Children Matter Message

Understanding the All Children Matter Message

The All Children Matter message is a powerful and poignant statement that resonates with Indigenous communities across Canada and beyond. The message is a reminder that every child is precious and that they all matter, regardless of their race, ethnicity or cultural background. The message was first coined as part of a campaign to raise awareness about the thousands of Indigenous children who were taken from their families and forced to attend residential schools. These schools were run by the Canadian government and the Catholic Church, and they were designed to assimilate Indigenous children into European culture and values. The message "All Children Matter" has become a rallying cry for Indigenous communities who are still dealing with the aftermath of the residential school system.

Indigenous Issues and the All Children Matter Message

The All Children Matter message is particularly significant in the context of Indigenous issues in Canada. Indigenous communities have been subject to centuries of colonization, exploitation, and marginalization, and the effects of this history are still felt today. In particular, the residential school system has had a devastating impact on Indigenous families and communities. Children were taken from their homes and sent to schools far away, where they were forbidden to speak their language or practice their culture. They were often subjected to physical and sexual abuse, and many children never returned home. The trauma of the residential school system has been passed down through generations, and many Indigenous communities are still struggling to heal and rebuild.

The All Children Matter message is a reminder that Indigenous children are valuable and worthy of respect and protection. It is a call to action to address the ongoing injustices and inequalities that Indigenous communities face. By supporting Indigenous artists like Betty Albert, who have created powerful and meaningful works of art that reflect Indigenous culture and history, we can help to raise awareness and promote healing and reconciliation. The All Children Matter fridge magnet is a small but significant way to show support for Indigenous communities and to help keep the message of healing and hope alive.

Spirituality and Tradition in Acrylic Paintings

The Influence of Cree Culture on Betty Albert's Art

Betty Albert, a Cree artist from the Sandy Lake First Nation in Alberta, draws inspiration from her cultural heritage to create vibrant and expressive paintings. Her art reflects her deep connection to the land and its inhabitants, as well as her spiritual beliefs. Growing up in a traditional Cree community, she learned about the importance of storytelling and how it can convey important messages about life and culture. This influence is evident in many of her works, which often depict scenes from nature or tell stories through symbols.

The Significance of Symbols in Betty Albert's Art

Symbolism plays an important role in Betty Albert's art, with each symbol carrying its own meaning that speaks to her spirituality and cultural identity. For example, one recurring motif is the eagle feather – a powerful symbol for Indigenous peoples that represents strength, courage, and freedom. Another common theme is animals such as bears or wolves – each animal has significance within Indigenous cultures based on their characteristics or behaviour. In using these symbols throughout her work, Betty invites viewers to learn more about Indigenous culture while also expressing herself through art.

Overall, Betty Albert's art is a beautiful reflection of both tradition and modernity; rooted deeply in Cree culture but also incorporating contemporary techniques like acrylic paint. By exploring themes such as spirituality and symbolism through vivid colours and bold brushstrokes she brings attention to important issues affecting Indigenous communities today while celebrating their rich history at the same time. Her artwork makes for unique souvenirs for tourists looking for Edmonton souvenirs while also providing insights into Indigenous art forms for individuals interested in this field.

Supporting a Family-Run Art Business

The Importance of Supporting Indigenous Artists

In today's world, it is essential to recognize and support the work of Indigenous artists. In doing so, we acknowledge their unique perspectives and experiences, which are valuable contributions to our society. It also helps to promote cultural diversity through art that speaks directly from an Indigenous perspective. By supporting these artists, we can help preserve traditional knowledge and skills while showcasing new ideas that reflect the realities of modern-day life.

Betty Albert's Commitment to Supporting Indigenous Artists

Betty Albert is a Cree artist who has dedicated her career to promoting the work of other Indigenous artists in Canada. Her family-run business features artwork from over 200 different artists representing various First Nations communities across Canada. She believes that by sharing their stories and culture through art, they can create awareness about issues affecting their communities while celebrating their rich history.

Through her business model, Betty works closely with each artist she represents, ensuring they receive fair compensation for their hard work while building long-lasting relationships based on mutual respect and understanding. This approach enables her clients not only to purchase high-quality pieces but also allows them insight into the meaning behind each piece as well as its significance within its community.

By purchasing one of Betty's fridge magnets or any other item sold at her store or online shop means you will be supporting a family-run business committed to uplifting indigenous voices through artistic expression. You'll own a piece crafted with intentionality using techniques passed down from previous generations - something meaningful beyond just decoration purposes.

Meaningful and Beautiful Decoration

Adding a Betty Albert's All Children Matter fridge magnet to your collection of Edmonton souvenirs not only serves as a beautiful decoration but also holds significant meaning. This piece of art represents the Indigenous perspective on children, emphasizing that every child is important and valuable. The vibrant colors and intricate designs showcase Betty Albert's talent in creating meaningful pieces that reflect her culture and beliefs. Displaying this fridge magnet in your home or office can serve as a reminder of the importance of valuing every child and their future. Additionally, purchasing this souvenir supports local Indigenous artists and contributes to preserving their traditions for future generations to appreciate. Overall, not only does owning this fridge magnet add beauty to your surroundings, it also carries an important message about valuing the lives of all children regardless of race or ethnicity.


In conclusion, Betty Albert's All Children Matter fridge magnet is a powerful reminder of the resilience and strength of Indigenous communities in Canada. Through her art, Betty highlights the importance of education and advocacy for Indigenous rights. As tourists visiting Edmonton, it is crucial to support local Indigenous artists like Betty by purchasing their unique and meaningful creations. By doing so, we can show our appreciation for their culture and history while also contributing to their economic sustainability. It is essential to recognize that Indigenous artwork often carries deep cultural significance and should be treated with respect and understanding. Let us continue to learn from these artworks' stories while supporting the individuals who create them.

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