The Story Behind Jeffrey Red George's Indigenous Fridge Glass Magnets Set


Jeffrey Red George's cultural background and artistic inspiration


Jeffrey Red George is a renowned Indigenous artist who has made significant contributions to the Canadian art scene. His artistic journey began in his childhood, where he was exposed to various forms of Indigenous art and culture. This section will delve into Jeffrey Red George's cultural background and how it has influenced his artistic inspiration.

Cultural Background

Jeffrey Red George belongs to the Nak'azdli Whut'en First Nation located in Northern British Columbia. He grew up with a deep appreciation for his culture, which instilled within him an innate passion for creating art that depicted traditional Indigenous stories and symbols.

Artistic Inspiration

Jeffrey Red George's primary source of inspiration comes from his upbringing and cultural heritage. He draws on the traditions passed down by his ancestors to create unique pieces that showcase their rich history. His work is heavily influenced by Northwest Coast Native Art styles, featuring intricate designs such as animals like bears, eagles or wolves, along with other aspects of nature like trees or rivers.

Moreover, Jeffrey also explores modern themes that blend contemporary techniques with traditional elements-creating artwork that speaks to both past and present issues facing Indigenous communities across Canada today.

The significance of indigenous culture in the design of the glass magnets

Meaningful symbols and colors

Jeffrey Red George, a member of the Nak'azdli Whut'en First Nation in British Columbia, draws inspiration from his indigenous culture when designing his glass magnets. The designs are not only visually appealing but also meaningful, with each symbol and color representing something significant to the culture. For example, the use of red and black in many of his designs pays homage to traditional cedar bark baskets that were commonly used for storing food and other items. The circle is another prominent symbol found in many of Jeffrey's designs which represents unity, harmony and balance within all things.

Traditional techniques and materials

In addition to incorporating indigenous symbolism into his designs, Jeffrey also utilizes traditional techniques and materials such as copper foil stained glass work. This technique involves wrapping thin strips of copper around pieces of colored glass before soldering them together to create intricate patterns or images. By using these time-honored methods, Jeffrey is able to pay tribute to his cultural heritage while creating beautiful pieces that showcase the inherent value found within Indigenous art forms.

Overall, by blending both traditional techniques with contemporary design elements infused with symbolic significance -the result is an exceptional collection that highlights Indigenous values- anyone interested in Edmonton souvenirs can appreciate this unique set as it adds a touch of history through its artistic presentation.

The process of creating the glass magnets


Jeffrey Red George's indigenous fridge glass magnets are the perfect souvenir for those interested in indigenous culture and art. Each magnet is a unique piece of art that represents the artist's cultural heritage and artistic vision.

Inspiration behind the design

Before creating the glass magnets, Jeffrey Red George spent months researching his cultural heritage and exploring different artistic techniques. He wanted to create something that would represent his culture while also being functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Materials used

To create these beautiful pieces, Jeffrey Red George uses high-quality glass, paint, and other materials. He carefully selects each material based on its quality and ability to withstand wear and tear.

Technique used

The process of creating a single magnet involves several steps. First, Jeffrey Red George sketches out his design on paper before transferring it onto the glass surface using special paints. He then adds layers of color to achieve depth and texture in each piece.

Once he completes painting each magnet by hand, he bakes them at a specific temperature to ensure they last long without any damage or fading over time.

The practical use of the magnets as fridge decoration

Adding a touch of indigenous art to your kitchen

Jeffrey Red George's indigenous fridge glass magnets set is not only functional but also adds an artistic element to your kitchen. The intricate designs and vibrant colors of the magnets are eye-catching and can brighten up any dull fridge surface. These magnets showcase the beauty of Indigenous culture, making them perfect for those who appreciate art and want to incorporate it into their daily lives.

Creating a personalized display

The versatility of these magnets allows you to create a personalized display on your fridge that reflects your interests or personality. You can mix and match different designs from Jeffrey Red George's collection or even combine them with other types of magnets to create unique patterns or shapes. This gives you the freedom to create a customized look that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Holding important notes and reminders

In addition to being decorative, these glass magnets serve as practical tools for holding important notes, reminders, photos, or recipes on your fridge. Their strong magnetic strength ensures that they hold securely in place without slipping or falling off when bumped into accidentally. This feature makes them ideal for families with children who tend to move things around while exploring their surroundings.

A thoughtful souvenir

For visitors looking for souvenirs from Edmonton that reflect its local culture, Jeffrey Red George's indigenous fridge glass magnet set makes an excellent choice. They are small enough to fit easily into luggage but still pack a punch in terms of representing Indigenous artwork accurately portrayed by an Indigenous artist like Jeffrey Red George himself instead of mass-produced trinkets made overseas by non-Indigenous people.

Overall, These versatile refrigerator décor items offer more than just functionality; they bring cultural significance along with beautiful artwork created by an expert in his field - Jeffrey Red George - whose work has been recognized nationally across Canada through exhibitions at prestigious galleries such as the Art Gallery Of Alberta (AGA).

The impact of Jeffrey Red George's work in promoting indigenous culture

Promoting Indigenous Culture through Art

Jeffrey Red George's indigenous fridge glass magnets set has had a significant impact in promoting indigenous culture. Through his art, Jeffrey Red George is able to showcase the rich heritage and traditions of the indigenous people of Edmonton. This not only helps to preserve their culture but also educates others about it. By using everyday objects such as fridge magnets, he is able to make his art accessible to everyone.

Raising Awareness and Celebrating Diversity

The use of Jeffrey Red George's indigenous fridge glass magnets set as souvenirs promotes awareness of the diverse cultures present in Edmonton. It celebrates diversity and encourages visitors to learn more about the city's rich cultural history. Additionally, these souvenirs serve as a reminder for locals that they live in a multicultural city with a vibrant history worth celebrating.

Supporting Local Artists

Purchasing one of Jeffrey Red George's indigenous fridge glass magnets sets supports local artists and helps them continue their work. The demand for these souvenirs ensures that artists like him can continue creating artwork that represents their community, traditions, and values.


In conclusion, Jeffrey Red George's indigenous fridge glass magnets set offers a unique and authentic representation of Indigenous culture in Edmonton. The use of traditional designs and materials adds to the significance of this souvenir as it reflects the rich history and cultural heritage of the Indigenous people. Not only is this product aesthetically pleasing but it also serves as a reminder for visitors to acknowledge and appreciate the diverse cultures that exist within Canada. By supporting local artists like Jeffrey Red George, tourists have an opportunity to take home an item that not only represents their visit but also contributes towards preserving Indigenous culture. Overall, this product is a meaningful keepsake for those interested in indigenous culture and serves as a testament to the importance of recognizing and respecting diversity in our society.

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