The Story Behind Turkey Hill Sugarbush's Maple Syrup


The History of Turkey Hill Sugarbush and Its Role in the Maple Syrup Industry

Early Beginnings

Turkey Hill Sugarbush is a family-owned and operated maple syrup producer located in the heart of Ontario, Canada. The company was founded in 1976 by John and Ruth Ann Laidlaw, who had a passion for producing high-quality maple syrup using sustainable practices. The original sugar shack consisted of just two small evaporators and produced only a few hundred litres of syrup each year. However, with hard work and dedication, the Laidlaws were able to grow their business over time.

Growth and Expansion

Over the years, Turkey Hill Sugarbush has continued to expand its operations. In 1995, they built a new sugar shack that allowed them to increase production capacity significantly. Today, the facility houses four modern evaporators that can process up to 2 million gallons of sap each season. Despite this growth, Turkey Hill Sugarbush remains committed to producing high-quality maple syrup using traditional methods.

The company has also expanded its product line beyond pure maple syrup. They now offer a variety of value-added products such as pancake mix, granola bars, and even ice cream made with their own maple syrup.

Innovations and Contributions to the Industry

In addition to expanding their operations, Turkey Hill Sugarbush has also contributed significantly to the maple syrup industry through innovations in technology and sustainable practices.

For example, they were one of the first producers in Ontario to use reverse osmosis technology for sap concentration instead of relying solely on evaporation. This method reduces energy consumption while still maintaining quality standards for their final product.

Furthermore, Turkey Hill Sugarbush is dedicated to sustainable forestry practices by ensuring all trees are tapped responsibly without causing damage or harm. They have implemented systems for tracking tree health data that allow them only tap healthy trees when it's appropriate accordingto environmental factors like temperature or moisture levels which allows them produce higher quality Maple Syrup at peak times throughout any given season.

Overall, Turkey Hill Sugarbush's long-standing commitment to sustainability and quality has made it a leader in the maple syrup industry. Through its innovative practices and dedication to traditional methods, they continue to provide customers with high-quality products that are both delicious and sustainable.

The Company's Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Quality Standards

Turkey Hill Sugarbush is committed to producing high-quality maple syrup through their adherence to strict quality standards. Their sap collection process involves using only food-grade materials and equipment, as well as ensuring that the trees are not harmed during tapping. The company also uses a reverse osmosis system to remove excess water from the sap before it is boiled down into syrup, resulting in a more concentrated product with a richer flavor.

Sustainable Practices

In addition to their focus on quality, Turkey Hill Sugarbush is dedicated to sustainable practices throughout their production process. They use a wood-fired evaporator for boiling down the sap into maple syrup, which reduces reliance on fossil fuels and minimizes environmental impact. The company also implements responsible forestry practices by selectively harvesting trees and replanting new ones in order to maintain healthy forests for future generations.

Certifications and Awards

Turkey Hill Sugarbush has received several certifications and awards recognizing their commitment to sustainability and high-quality products. They are certified organic by Pro-Cert, an independent certification body that ensures compliance with rigorous organic standards. The company has also been awarded the EcoLogo certification for their eco-friendly production methods.

Moreover,Turkey Hill Sugarbush was recognized as one of Canada's Greenest Employers in 2020 for its innovative approach towards reducing its carbon footprint while increasing awareness about sustainable living among employees.

Overall,Turkey Hill Sugarbush's dedication towards quality assurance,sustainable forest management practices along with recognition from various certifying organizations make them stand out amongst others when it comes Maple Syrup Production .

Why Maple Syrup is a Meaningful Edmonton Souvenir with a Story

A Unique and Sustainable Product

When visiting Edmonton, it is important to consider the impact of our purchases on the environment. One way to make a sustainable choice is by choosing locally sourced products that have been produced with minimal environmental impact. Turkey Hill Sugarbush's maple syrup is one such product that not only supports local farmers but also promotes sustainable practices.

The Story Behind the Syrup

Turkey Hill Sugarbush's maple syrup has a story behind it that makes it more than just another sweet treat. The company was founded in 1976 by Bob Chambers, who started tapping trees as a hobby. Over time, his passion for creating high-quality maple syrup grew into a full-fledged business.

Today, Turkey Hill Sugarbush remains committed to producing maple syrup using traditional methods while minimizing its impact on the environment. They use energy-efficient evaporators fueled by wood chips from their own land and recycle water used during production.

A Delicious Taste of Alberta

Not only does Turkey Hill Sugarbush's maple syrup taste delicious, but it also provides visitors with an authentic taste of Alberta. Maple trees don't grow abundantly in this region; however, Turkey Hill Sugarbush has found success through careful cultivation and harvesting techniques.

As a souvenir, this unique product offers visitors a chance to take home something truly special – not just any ordinary bottle of syrup but one with meaning and purpose behind it. It represents both Edmonton's commitment to sustainability and our region's ability to produce high-quality food products using traditional methods.

Overall, choosing Turkey Hill Sugarbush's maple syrup as a souvenir allows visitors to support local producers while promoting sustainable practices within our community – making it an excellent choice for those interested in ethical tourism or simply looking for something deliciously different!


In conclusion, Turkey Hill Sugarbush's maple syrup is more than just a delicious treat; it represents the sustainable food practices that we should all strive towards. The fact that they use solar energy to power their operations and employ methods that minimize waste makes this product even more special. As tourists visit Edmonton seeking unique souvenirs, they should consider purchasing a bottle of Turkey Hill Sugarbush's maple syrup not only for its taste but also for the story behind it. Food enthusiasts and those interested in sustainable food practices can appreciate the efforts put into creating this exceptional product. Overall, supporting local businesses like Turkey Hill Sugarbush benefits both the community and our planet as a whole while providing us with high-quality products to enjoy.

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