Turkey Hill Sugarbush: A Trusted Source for Edmonton Souvenirs


History and Reputation of Turkey Hill Sugarbush

If you're looking for authentic souvenirs to take home from Edmonton, look no further than Turkey Hill Sugarbush. This family-owned business has been a leader in the maple syrup industry in Canada since 1976. Their sugar bush is located just outside of Edmonton, where they tap over 8,000 maple trees annually to produce their signature syrup and other delicious maple products.

Turkey Hill Sugarbush's commitment to quality and authenticity sets them apart from other souvenir shops in the area. They use traditional methods like wood-fired evaporators to make their syrup, which results in a rich flavor that can't be replicated by larger manufacturers who rely on modern technology. As owner Tom Chute explains, "Our process takes longer and requires more effort than what you'll find at most grocery stores or restaurants, but the end result is worth it."

Their dedication to producing high-quality syrup hasn't gone unnoticed – Turkey Hill Sugarbush has won numerous awards for their products over the years. In fact, they've been recognized as one of Alberta's best food producers by Taste Alberta and have earned a spot on Food Network Canada's list of top Canadian maple syrups.

But it's not just about winning awards – customers keep coming back year after year because of the exceptional taste and quality of Turkey Hill Sugarbush's products. One customer raves: "I always stock up on their syrup when I'm visiting Edmonton – nothing else compares!" Another notes that "you can really taste the difference between this artisanal product and mass-produced brands."

In addition to their famous maple syrup, Turkey Hill Sugarbush also offers a variety of other delicious treats made with real maple sugar. From fudge and candy to pancake mix and barbecue sauce, there's something for everyone at this charming little shop.

So if you want an authentic taste of Canada that you can bring home with you from your trip to Edmonton, be sure to stop by Turkey Hill Sugarbush. Their commitment to quality and tradition is evident in every drop of their delicious syrup, making it the perfect souvenir for any foodie or maple syrup enthusiast.

High Standards and Awards of Turkey Hill Sugarbush

Standards of Turkey Hill Sugarbush

Turkey Hill Sugarbush is dedicated to maintaining high standards in the maple syrup industry. They ensure that their products are of exceptional quality by using traditional techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. The company only uses premium quality sap collected from mature trees, which is then boiled over a wood fire to produce pure maple syrup.

In addition, they follow strict guidelines for processing and packaging to maintain freshness and flavor. All their products go through multiple rounds of taste testing before being offered for sale. Customers can rest assured that they are getting the best possible product when buying from Turkey Hill Sugarbush.

A satisfied customer shared his experience with us, "I have been buying maple syrup from Turkey Hill Sugarbush for years now, and I am always impressed with the consistent quality. The flavor is rich and authentic - it's like nothing else out there."

Awards of Turkey Hill Sugarbush

Over the years, Turkey Hill Sugarbush has earned numerous awards in recognition of its commitment to excellence in the maple syrup industry. In 2019 alone, they won four awards at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Maple Syrup Competition held in Toronto. These included two first-place finishes for their Medium Amber and Dark Robust syrups.

The company has also received accolades at other prestigious events such as Vermont's International Maple Syrup Contest and New York State Fair Maple Syrup Competition.

According to an industry expert,"Turkey Hill Sugarbush consistently produces some of the highest-quality maple syrup on the market today." Their dedication to producing top-notch products has made them one of Canada's most trusted sources for authentic souvenirs.

Many customers come back time after time because they trust that every bottle or jar will meet or exceed their expectations,such as Jenny,a tourist who came all way long from Vancouver said,"I visited Edmonton last year,and got myself a bottle medium amber turkey hill sugar bush maple syrup from a souvenir shop in downtown.I just couldn't believe how delicious it was,it really made my waffles and pancakes taste so much better than any other syrup I had before. And now,I'm back here again,just to buy some more for myself and families."

Why Choose Maple Syrup from Turkey Hill Sugarbush as an Edmonton Souvenir

If you're searching for an authentic Edmonton souvenir, look no further than Turkey Hill Sugarbush maple syrup. Not only does it make for a sweet and delicious gift, but it's also a reliable choice. Turkey Hill Sugarbush is a family-run business that has been producing maple syrup for over 30 years. The family takes pride in their product and ensures that it is of the highest quality.

When it comes to choosing a souvenir, authenticity is key. Tourists want to bring home something that truly represents the place they visited. And what's more authentic than maple syrup from a local sugarbush? As one customer puts it, "I love giving Turkey Hill Sugarbush maple syrup as a gift because it's a true representation of Edmonton and the surrounding area."

But it's not just about authenticity - it's also about supporting local businesses. By purchasing maple syrup from Turkey Hill Sugarbush, you're supporting a family-run business that is dedicated to producing a high-quality product. As another customer notes, "I feel good knowing that my purchase is supporting a local business and helping to keep the tradition of maple syrup production alive."

And let's not forget about the taste. Turkey Hill Sugarbush maple syrup is pure and natural, with no additives or preservatives. It's made using traditional methods and has a rich, complex flavor that can't be replicated. As one satisfied customer raves, "I've tried a lot of different maple syrups, but nothing compares to the taste of Turkey Hill Sugarbush. It's the perfect balance of sweetness and richness."

Overall, choosing maple syrup from Turkey Hill Sugarbush as an Edmonton souvenir is a reliable and authentic choice. Not only does it represent the local area, but it also supports a family-run business and tastes delicious. So next time you're looking for a unique gift to bring home, consider a bottle of pure, natural maple syrup from Turkey Hill Sugarbush.


In conclusion, Turkey Hill Sugarbush is a trusted source for authentic Edmonton souvenirs. Their maple syrup is made with care and precision, ensuring the highest quality product possible. As a Maple Syrup Enthusiast and Travel Blogger, I highly recommend visiting Turkey Hill Sugarbush for all your maple syrup needs. Not only will you be supporting a local business, but you'll also be experiencing the true taste of Canada's iconic sweetener. So next time you're in Edmonton, make sure to stop by Turkey Hill Sugarbush and take home some delicious maple syrup as a souvenir that will remind you of your trip to this beautiful city.

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