Why Canada Grade A Amber Maple Syrup from Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. is a Must-Try for Edmontonians


High Quality and Purity

Canada Grade A Amber Maple Syrup from Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. is a top-quality product that offers pure and rich flavors to any dish it's used in. The maple syrup is made using traditional methods, ensuring that the final product retains its natural goodness without any additives or preservatives. This means that every bottle of Canada Grade A Amber Maple Syrup contains only 100% pure maple syrup, making it an ideal addition to any Edmontonian's pantry.

The high quality and purity of Canada Grade A Amber Maple Syrup are evident in its color, texture, and taste. The amber color reflects the perfect balance between lightness and darkness, while the smooth texture allows for easy pouring and mixing with other ingredients. As for taste, this maple syrup has a unique flavor profile characterized by notes of caramelized sugar with hints of vanilla and toasted nuts.

When selecting maple syrup for cooking or baking purposes, it's crucial to choose high-quality products like Canada Grade A Amber Maple Syrup from Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd., as they can make all the difference in your dishes' overall taste profile. For instance, you can use this maple syrup as a sweetener in various recipes such as pancakes, waffles, oatmeal cookies or drizzle over roasted vegetables like carrots or sweet potatoes. Additionally adding into salad dressing brings out nutty tones when mixed with vinegar.

Overall if you're looking to elevate your culinary game with some Canadian flair then look no further than Canada Grade A Amber Maple Syrup from Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd - Its high quality makes it stand out among many brands on store shelves across Edmonton!

Commitment to Excellence

When it comes to maple syrup, Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. is committed to delivering only the best quality product to its customers. The company's commitment to excellence starts with their rigorous selection process for the maple trees used in production. Only the healthiest and most mature trees are tapped, ensuring that each tree produces a consistent flow of sap throughout the season.

Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s dedication to quality doesn't stop there. Once collected, the sap is carefully processed using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques that preserve its natural flavor and color. The final result is Grade A Amber Maple Syrup that has a rich golden hue and a complex taste profile with notes of caramelized sugar, vanilla, and toasted nuts.

This focus on quality has not gone unnoticed by industry experts - Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. has received numerous awards for their exceptional products over the years. In fact, they have won several gold medals at both national and international competitions such as Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto or World Maple Syrup Competition organized by International Maple Syrup Institute which proves they're among the top-tier producers in Canada.

Commitment to Quality

To ensure consistency across all batches of maple syrup produced at Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd., every step of their production process undergoes strict quality control measures under expert supervision including measuring specific gravity (density) or inspecting clarity/color/taste/smell etc.. This guarantees that each bottle contains only pure Grade A Amber Maple Syrup without any additives or preservatives which satisfies even picky eaters in Edmontonians' households!

Moreover, Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s team constantly monitors industry trends and customer feedback so they can adapt quickly if necessary while still maintaining high standards regarding product quality--this includes making changes when something isn't working as well as expected or trying new things based on market demand but always within limits set up by Canadian Food Inspection Agency regulations.

Sustainable Practices

In addition to their commitment to quality, Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. is also dedicated to sustainable practices in maple syrup production. They use modern technology and equipment that reduces the amount of energy needed for processing sap into syrup which not only saves money but also minimizes environmental impact.

Furthermore, Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s team is always looking for ways to reduce waste and increase efficiency while still maintaining high standards regarding product quality--this includes using a closed-loop system that recycles water used during the boiling process or even repurposing leftover ash as soil amendment etc.. These efforts help protect local ecosystems from negative impacts by minimizing pollution and conserving natural resources.

Overall, Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s commitment to excellence ensures that Edmontonians are getting only the best quality Grade A Amber Maple Syrup possible while also protecting our environment so we can enjoy this delicious treat for generations to come!

Hockey Player Glass Bottle

One of the unique things about Canada Grade A Amber Maple Syrup from Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. is the fun and adorable hockey player glass bottle that it comes in. This bottle has become a collector's item for many Edmontonians who enjoy adding a touch of Canadiana to their homes. The hockey player on the bottle makes it a great conversation starter when hosting guests or giving it as a gift. Additionally, this glass bottle is sturdy and can be reused once all the syrup is gone.

Personally, I remember my first encounter with this maple syrup was at a friend's house during breakfast. As soon as I saw the cute little hockey player on their kitchen table, I knew immediately that I needed to have one for myself. It wasn't just about the delicious taste but also because of how fun and unique it was.

When it comes to using this maple syrup in cooking or baking, there are endless possibilities. One tip is to use it as a glaze for roasted vegetables such as carrots or Brussels sprouts by mixing together some melted butter and maple syrup before brushing onto your veggies before roasting them in an oven until golden brown.

Another recipe idea would be incorporating this maple syrup into baked goods like pancakes or waffles batter instead of regular sugar which will give your dishes an extra level of sweetness with subtle notes of caramel flavor.

Overall, if you're looking for something new and exciting to add to your pantry staples list - look no further than Canada Grade A Amber Maple Syrup from Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd., especially considering its cute Hockey Player Glass Bottle!


In conclusion, Canada Grade A Amber Maple Syrup from Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. is a must-try for all Edmontonians who enjoy cooking and trying new food products. This high-quality maple syrup is produced using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations of Canadian maple farmers, resulting in a rich, complex flavor that simply can't be found in other types of syrup. Whether you're making pancakes or waffles for breakfast or looking to add some sweetness to your favorite savory dishes, Canada Grade A Amber Maple Syrup is the perfect choice. So why not purchase a bottle today and see what all the fuss is about? Trust us - once you've tried this delicious syrup, you'll never go back!

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