Why Our Maple Tea Bags Make the Perfect Edmonton Souvenir


Natural Ingredients

As a content writer, I believe that the use of natural ingredients is crucial in any Edmonton souvenir. That's why our Maple Tea Bags are made with only the finest and freshest ingredients, including black tea leaves from Sri Lanka and natural maple flavor.

Our black tea leaves from Sri Lanka, also known as Ceylon tea, are carefully selected to ensure their quality and freshness. The climate in Sri Lanka provides ideal growing conditions for tea plants, resulting in a fragrant and flavorful blend that is loved by many around the world.

In addition to our high-quality black tea leaves, we use natural maple flavor to give our Maple Tea Bags their unique taste. Unlike artificial flavors commonly used in other teas on the market today, our natural maple flavor comes straight from real Canadian maple trees - making it an authentic Edmonton souvenir that truly captures the essence of this beautiful city.

We take great pride in using only natural ingredients because we know how important it is for tourists visiting Edmonton to have access to high-quality souvenirs that accurately represent this vibrant city. Our Maple Tea Bags not only offer a delicious way for locals to gift something special but also provide an enjoyable experience for those who love drinking tea.

So if you're looking for an authentic Edmonton souvenir or simply want to enjoy a cup of deliciously flavored tea at home or work- try out our Maple Tea Bags! You won't be disappointed!

Great Gift Idea

Looking for the perfect Edmonton souvenir to gift? Look no further than our maple tea bags! With 20 tea bags in each package, these make a great gift idea for anyone. Share them with friends, family, and colleagues as an Edmonton souvenir that captures the essence of Canada.

A Gift for Everyone

Whether you're gifting to a tea enthusiast or someone who simply appreciates unique souvenirs, these maple tea bags are sure to please. The packaging is adorned with beautiful imagery of Canadian maple leaves and iconic landmarks in Edmonton, making it a thoughtful gesture that showcases your fondness for this wonderful city.

Perfect for Tea Enthusiasts

Tea enthusiasts will appreciate the high quality of these maple tea bags. Made from natural ingredients and infused with rich flavor from pure Canadian Maple syrup, they provide a satisfying tea-drinking experience that can be enjoyed any time of day. Plus, the packaging is reusable and perfect for storing loose-leaf teas after all 20 teabags have been used up.

Established Brand

A Leader in the Maple Syrup Industry since 1976

When it comes to maple products, there is no better brand than Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. Established in 1976, this Canadian company has been a leader in the maple syrup industry for over four decades. They are known for their commitment to quality and excellence, ensuring that every product they produce meets their high standards.

Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. sources its maple sap from trees grown on its own property, ensuring complete control over the process from start to finish. The result is an unmistakable taste and consistency that sets them apart from other brands.

Their dedication to quality doesn't stop at just their syrup either; all of their products are carefully crafted with the same attention to detail. This includes their famous maple tea bags which are made using only natural ingredients and real maple sugar.

As a tourist visiting Edmonton or a local looking for a souvenir gift, you can trust that any product bearing the Turkey Hill Sugarbush name will be of exceptional quality and taste. Their established brand reputation speaks volumes about the care they take in producing each item.

In addition, as a tea enthusiast who appreciates unique flavors, trying out Turkey Hill's Maple Tea Bags is definitely worth it! The perfect blend between black tea leaves and pure Canadian Maple flavor makes this beverage simply irresistible!

Overall, if you're looking for an Edmonton souvenir that represents both quality and authenticity- look no further than Turkey Hill Sugarbush's Maple Tea Bags!


Maple tea bags are not only a unique Edmonton souvenir but also versatile in their usage. These tea bags can be enjoyed in multiple ways, such as hot or iced, and paired with different foods. The maple flavor is perfect for those who want a taste of Canada's sweetness without the calories of syrup.

One way to enjoy these tea bags is by brewing them hot. Simply steep the tea bag in boiling water for 3-5 minutes and add honey or sugar if desired. This will create a warm and comforting drink that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with breakfast items like pancakes, waffles, or oatmeal.

Another way to use these maple tea bags is by making iced tea. Brew the teabags according to instructions and let it cool down before adding ice cubes and garnishes like lemon slices or mint leaves for added freshness. This refreshing drink can quench thirst on hot summer days while still providing that distinct Canadian flavor.

Maple tea bags can also be used as an ingredient in recipes such as cake frosting, marinades, glazes, and even cocktails! Adding this unique flavor profile to dishes makes them stand out from conventional recipes while keeping things simple yet delicious.

For those looking for an unconventional gift idea for their loved ones back home, these maple flavored teas make perfect souvenirs that are easy to pack and travel-friendly. They offer a taste of Canada's rich history without taking up too much space in your luggage!


In conclusion, if you are looking for a unique and authentic Edmonton souvenir that also happens to be delicious, look no further than Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.'s maple tea bags. These tea bags not only capture the essence of Edmonton's famous maple syrup industry but also offer a tasty reminder of your trip to this beautiful city. Whether you are a tourist visiting Edmonton or a local looking for the perfect gift, these maple tea bags will not disappoint. And for all the tea enthusiasts out there, it doesn't get much better than sipping on a cup of sweet and flavorful maple-infused tea from Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. So why wait? Grab your own package of Maple Tea Bags now!

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