Why Tracey Metallic's Upnmultoqsip Art Card is a Must-Have Edmonton Gift


Explore the cultural significance of Upnmultoqsip art through Tracey Metallic's unique perspective

The Meaning and Importance of Upnmultoqsip Art

Upnmultoqsip is a word from the Mi'kmaq language that translates to "the act of looking back." It refers to the idea of reflecting on one's past, culture, and traditions. Upnmultoqsip art encompasses various forms of artistic expression, including painting, sculpture, and beadwork. Indigenous artists use this medium to explore their cultural heritage while also expressing themselves creatively.

Tracey Metallic's Unique Perspective

Tracey Metallic is an Indigenous artist from Listuguj First Nation in Quebec who specializes in creating contemporary Upnmultoqsip art. Her unique perspective on this traditional style incorporates bright colors, bold shapes, and intricate patterns. She draws inspiration from her upbringing as well as her experiences living in urban centers like Montreal and Edmonton.

Metallic's artwork offers a fresh take on traditional Indigenous themes such as nature, spirituality, and community. Her pieces incorporate symbols that are meaningful to her culture but also resonate with viewers who may not be familiar with Indigenous traditions.

The Significance of Metallic's Style

Metallic's vibrant aesthetic has gained recognition both locally and internationally. In 2018, she was commissioned by the City of Edmonton to create a public mural titled "Strength" which features a powerful image of an eagle surrounded by geometric shapes.

By incorporating elements from both her tradition and contemporary influences into her work Metallic creates something entirely new yet still connected deeply with indigenous culture; it shows how much indigenous cultures have grown over time through creative means while still holding onto their roots at heart - making it relevant for anyone interested or visiting Edmonton!

Learn about the history and traditions of Indigenous culture in Canada

A Brief History of Indigenous Culture in Canada

Indigenous culture in Canada is rich and diverse. It refers to the original inhabitants of North America, including First Nations, Inuit and Métis people. These groups have a long history dating back thousands of years before European contact. Before colonization, Indigenous peoples had their own languages, traditions, beliefs and unique ways of living off the land. However, when Europeans arrived in the 16th century they brought with them diseases that decimated entire communities leading to cultural genocide.

Significant Traditions of Indigenous Culture in Canada

Despite this colonial past which has caused trauma for generations, many aspects of Indigenous culture have survived or are being revitalized today. One important tradition is that each nation has its own unique language with its own structure and vocabulary; some nations' languages have been lost entirely due to residential schools where children were punished for speaking their native language. Another significant tradition is drumming - it's often used as part of ceremony or storytelling because it creates a sense of unity among participants through rhythm.

The powwow is another key event celebrated by numerous Native American tribes across North America from the Great Plains region to Alaska. It can be considered a social gathering or spiritual experience but always includes dance competitions accompanied by traditional music played on drums usually made out buffalo hide.

Finally there’s also renowned Haida artwork known for carving and weaving skills that produce beautiful pieces such as masks which represent various animals like eagles or bears embodying spiritual significance within these cultures’ belief systems.

With so much variety available within indigenous cultures found throughout Canada, Tracey Metallic's Upnmultoqsip Art Card is an excellent way to begin exploring these fascinating arts while supporting local artists at same time!

A meaningful and educational gift option for anyone interested in Indigenous culture

Tracey Metallic's Upnmultoqsip art card is not only a beautiful piece of artwork but also a meaningful and educational gift option for anyone interested in Indigenous culture. The intricate design on the card depicts the traditional Mi'kmaq star blanket pattern, which represents love and warmth in Indigenous culture. This symbolism adds depth to the artwork and makes it more than just a pretty picture.

Additionally, purchasing this art card supports Tracey Metallic, an Indigenous artist from Listuguj Mi'gmaq First Nation in Quebec. By buying her work, you are directly supporting her community and helping to preserve their cultural traditions through art.

But beyond its aesthetic appeal and support of Indigenous artists, this art card also serves as an excellent tool for education. It can be used to start conversations about Indigenous cultures with friends or family members who may not know much about them. The design itself is a reminder of how complex and diverse these cultures are while offering a specific glimpse into one aspect of Mi'kmaq tradition.

Furthermore, giving this art card as a gift provides an opportunity to show appreciation for Indigenous cultures without appropriating them. Many non-Indigenous people struggle with finding ways to respectfully engage with these communities without overstepping boundaries or perpetuating harmful stereotypes. Giving gifts like Tracey Metallic's Upnmultoqsip art card allows individuals to show interest in learning about these cultures while supporting them at the same time.

Support local Canadian artists and their important contributions to the art world

In today's globalized world, it is more important than ever to support local artists. Not only does this help them financially, but it also ensures that their unique perspectives and styles are not lost in the homogenization of mainstream art. This is especially true for Indigenous artists like Tracey Metallic who incorporate their cultural heritage into their work. By purchasing one of her Upnmultoqsip Art Cards as a gift or for personal use, you are not only supporting her as an individual artist but also contributing to the preservation and celebration of Indigenous culture in Canada.

Local Canadian artists often face significant challenges when trying to break into the competitive art world. They may struggle with finding gallery representation or securing funding for exhibitions and projects. Supporting these artists by purchasing their work can make all the difference in helping them achieve success and recognition both nationally and internationally.

In addition to providing financial support, buying from local Canadian artists also allows us to appreciate the unique contributions they bring to the art world. Many local artists draw inspiration from their surroundings, whether it be urban landscapes or natural environments found throughout Canada's diverse regions. Others incorporate elements of Canadian history or cultural traditions such as those practiced by Indigenous communities across the country.

By investing in these individuals' creative pursuits through purchases like Tracey Metallic's Upnmultoqsip Art Cards, we can show our appreciation for both their talent and commitment while enjoying beautiful pieces that reflect our shared experiences as Canadians.

Overall, supporting local Canadian artists has never been more critical than now; we have an opportunity to ensure that our vibrant art scene continues thriving well into future generations while celebrating Indigenous cultures' diversity within Canada's borders!

The perfect souvenir to remember your time in Edmonton

When visiting a new city, many people like to bring home a souvenir to commemorate their trip. Tracey Metallic's Upnmultoqsip art card is the perfect option for those looking for a unique and culturally significant souvenir to remember their time in Edmonton. The design of the card features a beautiful and intricate Indigenous pattern, making it a stunning piece of art in its own right. However, the card also has deeper cultural significance, as it represents the traditional teachings of the Mi'kmaq people. This makes it not only a beautiful souvenir, but also a meaningful one that can help visitors connect with the Indigenous culture of Edmonton. Additionally, the compact size of the card makes it easy to pack in a suitcase or carry-on, so visitors can easily bring it back home with them. Overall, Tracey Metallic's Upnmultoqsip art card is a must-have for anyone looking for a unique and meaningful souvenir to remember their time in Edmonton.


In conclusion, Tracey Metallic's Upnmultoqsip art card is a must-have Edmonton gift for anyone interested in Indigenous culture and art. This unique piece of artwork captures the essence of Métis history and tradition, while also showcasing the artist's talent and creativity. The card provides educational value with its depiction of traditional symbols and designs. Additionally, purchasing this art card supports local Canadian artists and their contributions to the art world. Overall, owning an Upnmultoqsip art card not only adds to one's personal collection but also contributes to preserving Indigenous culture for future generations.

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