Why Upnmultoqsip Art Card by Tracey Metallic is a Must-Have Souvenir from Edmonton


Take home a piece of Edmonton's indigenous culture with Upnmultoqsip Art Card

Edmonton is a city rich in indigenous culture and history, and there's no better way to commemorate your visit than by taking home a piece of that culture with you. One must-have souvenir for tourists visiting Edmonton is the Upnmultoqsip Art Card, created by local artist Tracey Metallic. The card features a stunning image of an eagle feather, which holds deep significance in many indigenous cultures as a symbol of strength, courage, and wisdom.

Not only does the Upnmultoqsip Art Card represent important cultural values, but it also showcases the incredible talent of Indigenous artists in Edmonton. Tracey Metallic is known for her beautiful artwork that often incorporates traditional patterns and symbols into modern pieces. By purchasing this art card, visitors can support local Indigenous artists like Metallic while also gaining insight into their culture.

The Upnmultoqsip Art Card is not just any ordinary souvenir; it serves as a tangible reminder of the unique experiences and cultural immersion one can have while visiting Edmonton. It can be easily displayed on walls or shelves as a conversation starter or cherished memory from one's trip.

Overall, if you're looking for an authentic piece of Edmonton's Indigenous culture to take home with you from your travels here - something that represents both artistic skill and cultural significance - then consider purchasing an Upnmultoqsip Art Card by Tracey Metallic!

The perfect size for carrying in your luggage or backpack

Small size for easy carrying

The Upnmultoqsip Art Card by Tracey Metallic is the perfect souvenir to take home from Edmonton because of its small size. Measuring at 4x6 inches, it can easily fit into any luggage or backpack without taking up too much space. This makes it an ideal choice for tourists who want to bring back a piece of indigenous culture with them but may have limited room in their bags.

Lightweight and durable

In addition to being small, the Upnmultoqsip Art Card is also lightweight and durable. Made from high-quality cardstock material, it won't add significant weight to your luggage or backpack. Despite its lightweight nature, this art card is still very sturdy and won't easily bend or tear during transport. Therefore, you don't have to worry about damage while traveling with this souvenir.

Overall, the Upnmultoqsip Art Card by Tracey Metallic is not only a beautiful representation of Edmonton's indigenous culture but also a practical souvenir that can be easily carried around during your travels. Its compact size and durability make it an excellent choice for those looking for unique souvenirs that won't weigh down their luggage or break during transport.

The artist's biography on the back of the card adds a personal touch to the souvenir

Tracey Metallic: A story behind the art

The Upnmultoqsip Art Card by Tracey Metallic is more than just a souvenir, it's an opportunity to learn about the artist and their culture. The artist's biography on the back of the card adds a personal touch to this unique souvenir, giving visitors insight into what inspired her work.

Tracey Metallic is a proud member of the Mi'kmaq Nation from Listuguj Quebec. She has been creating art for over 20 years, using various mediums such as beadwork, quillwork, painting and drawing. Her artwork often tells stories about her heritage and experiences as an indigenous woman.

Through her art, Tracy hopes to educate others about indigenous cultures and traditions that have been passed down through generations. She believes that it's important for people to understand and respect these cultures in order to create a better world for everyone.

By including Tracy's biography on the Upnmultoqsip Art Card, tourists can gain deeper insight into what inspires her work and how she approaches her craft. It allows them to connect with both the artist and Edmonton's indigenous culture in a more meaningful way.

Not only does this add value to your souvenir experience but also helps build awareness around Indigenous artists who are preserving their heritage through traditional arts practices which may be lost if not shared or preserved properly. Thus adding upnpmultoqsip Art Card by Tracey Metallic becomes must-have when visiting Edmonton as it offers you much beyond owning just another piece of art while travelling.

Made in Canada, supporting local businesses in Edmonton

Made in Canada

The Upnmultoqsip Art Card by Tracey Metallic is not only a beautiful piece of art but also an authentic souvenir made in Canada. Being made in the country adds value to it as a meaningful souvenir for tourists visiting Edmonton. It showcases the indigenous culture and heritage of Canada, making it more special than any other generic souvenir that can be found anywhere else.

Supporting local businesses

Purchasing the Upnmultoqsip Art Card supports local businesses in Edmonton and contributes to the community. The card is sold at various local gift shops around Edmonton such as TIX on the Square, which is run by Theatre Network Society, an independent theatre company based in Alberta. This means that buying this card helps support not just one business but several small businesses within Edmonton's diverse cultural community.

Moreover, purchasing from these stores ensures that profits go back into supporting arts and cultural initiatives throughout the city. By choosing to buy locally-made souvenirs like this one, visitors can make a positive impact on their trip while taking home something unique and meaningful from their experience in Edmonton.

A souvenir that promotes awareness and appreciation for indigenous culture

Cultural significance of the Upnmultoqsip Art Card

The Upnmultoqsip Art Card by Tracey Metallic is a souvenir that holds cultural significance for Edmonton's indigenous community. The card features an original artwork of a buffalo, which has deep meaning in indigenous culture as it represents strength and resilience. By purchasing this art card, tourists can take home a piece of Edmonton's indigenous culture and share their experience with others.

Meaningful souvenir that tells a story

Unlike generic souvenirs found in gift shops, the Upnmultoqsip Art Card is a meaningful keepsake that tells a story about Edmonton's rich indigenous heritage. Tourists who purchase the card can learn about Tracey Metallic, an indigenous artist from Alberta who was inspired by her ancestors to create beautiful works of art. The buffalo featured on the card represents not only strength but also serves as a reminder to respect nature and all living things.

Supporting indigenous artists and culture

By purchasing the Upnmultoqsip Art Card, tourists are supporting local Indigenous artists like Tracey Metallic while promoting awareness and appreciation for Edmonton's diverse cultures. A portion of each sale goes towards supporting Indigenous communities through various initiatives such as education scholarships or cultural events showcasing Indigenous artistry. Furthermore, buying locally sourced souvenirs helps sustain local economies while preserving traditional knowledge passed down from generation to generation.


In conclusion, Edmonton is a city with a rich Indigenous culture, and tourists should not leave without taking a piece of it home with them. The Upnmultoqsip Art Card by Tracey Metallic is a must-have souvenir that encapsulates this culture in a meaningful way. The card is not only a beautiful piece of art but also a representation of the Indigenous values and traditions that are deeply rooted in Edmonton's history. By purchasing this card, tourists can support the local Indigenous community while also taking a small piece of it with them. So if you want to bring home a unique and meaningful souvenir from your trip to Edmonton, be sure to pick up the Upnmultoqsip Art Card by Tracey Metallic.

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