Canada Maple Gift Set (Free Shipping)

Canada Maple Gift Set (Free Shipping)

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Dive into the heart of Canadian tradition with our exquisite Maple Gift Set. Packed with pure, organic maple products, it is a cornucopia of sweet delights. In this set, you'll discover the rich flavor of our Pure Organic Maple Syrup, beautifully encapsulated in the iconic shape of a maple leaf. Indulge in the unique taste of our Organic Maple Cookies and the playful charm of Maple Leaf Shaped Candies. Enjoy the comforting warmth of our Pure Organic Maple Tea, or experience the sophisticated fusion of flavors in our Maple Ice Wine Tea. The gift set serves as a perfect tribute to Canada's rich culinary tradition and a treat for those who appreciate authentic, organic, and flavorful experiences. 

1. Pure Organic Maple Syrup (250ml, 2 Bottles): Savour the taste of tradition with our Pure Organic Maple Syrup, shaped in the iconic maple leaf. This Canadian classic, packed in a 250ml bottle, brings you the genuine, sweet notes of organic maple. Perfect for a hearty breakfast or a warm, cosy dessert, it's a staple for any pantry.

2. Pure Organic Maple Cookies (325g, 2 Boxes): Experience a bite of Canada with our Pure Organic Maple Cookies. Each box, weighing 325g, is filled with delicious cookies that encapsulate the rich flavor of pure, organic maple. Enjoy them with a warm cup of tea or coffee, or as a quick snack during your busy day.

3. Maple Leaf Shaped Maple Candy (90g, 2 Bags): Unwrap the sweetness with our Maple Leaf Shaped Maple Candies. Each bag contains 90g of sweet, satisfying candies, expertly shaped like maple leaves and infused with the rich, robust flavor of pure maple. It's a delightful treat, perfect for both children and adults.

4. Pure Organic Maple Tea (40g, 2 Boxes): Elevate your tea time with our Pure Organic Maple Tea. Infused with the distinctive flavor of pure, organic maple, each box of tea, weighing 40g, brings a unique twist to your regular brew. It's a calming, soothing experience, one cup at a time.

5. Pure Organic Maple Ice Wine Tea (40g, 2 Boxes): Discover a unique blend with our Pure Organic Maple Ice Wine Tea. Each box, weighing 40g, combines the nuanced flavor of ice wine with the sweet, comforting taste of organic maple. Perfect for those looking for a unique, satisfying brew that blends tradition with innovation.




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