Great Value Maple Gift Set (Free Shipping)

Great Value Maple Gift Set (Free Shipping)

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Experience the authentic taste of Canada with our Best Value Maple Gift Set, an exquisite assortment of 100% pure, organic maple products! Unearth the delightful flavor of our Maple Syrup—shaped like the classic Canadian maple leaf—in not just one, but two 250ml bottles. Lose yourself in the sweet crunch of our Organic Maple Cookies or savour the unique textures of our Maple Leaf Candies, featuring distinctive infusions of original maple, vibrant blueberry, and sophisticated ice wine. Start your mornings with a twist, exploring our collection of Organic Maple Teas, available in pure maple, invigorating green, and unique ice wine flavors. The coffee lovers and chocolate aficionados will find joy in our specialty Maple Syrup Espresso and Crunch Dark Chocolate bars. Avail free shipping all across Canada! This maple gift set is your gateway to premium Canadian gourmet, encapsulating the best value and enchanting maple treats. 

The Great Value Maple Gift Set includes: 

1. Pure Organic Maple Shape Maple Syrup 250 ml *2 Bottles;

2. Pure Organic Maple Cookies 325g * 1;

3. Maple Leaf Shaped Maple Candy 90g * 1 ;

4. Maple Leaf Shaped Maple Ice Wine Candy 90g *1;

5. Maple Leaf Shaped Maple Blueberry Candy 90g *1; 

6. Pure Organic Maple Ice Wine Tea 40g *1;

7. Pure Organic Maple Tea 40g *1;

8. Pure Organic Maple Green Tea 40g *1;

9. Pure Organic Maple Syrup Espresso Bar 100g * 1;

10. Pure Organic Maple Syrup Crunch Dark Chocolate Bar 100g * 1. 


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