Indigenous Art Card Glooscap Rising By David Brooks

Indigenous Art Card Glooscap Rising By David Brooks

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Glooscap Rising Art Card 

Gift & Souvenir:  For anyone who is interested in indigenous culture.The artist’s biography appears on the back of the card. Art cards are 6 x 9 inches, come with envelope, and are packaged in a clear plastic sleeve.

Size: 9 x 6”

Made in Canada

About the artist: David Brooks

Cultural Background: Mi’kmaq First Nation, Nova Scotia

David Brooks was Mi’kmaq First Nation, born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada. He was from Indian Brook First Nation where he spent the majority of his life with his family.

Through his young adulthood he traveled and lived in various locations throughout Canada and the United States. In 1983, David began to paint when he met Phillip Young in Toronto; from Phillip he learned basic painting techniques. David once shared “When I paint, I do it as much for other people as for myself. I hope that my paintings can be a sense of strength for our people. I try to reach into the distant past when we were strong people and I try to find ways to express that strength for people today. I don’t start a painting until I’ve felt what it will mean. If we can locate strength from the past we can overcome the problems of the present. I hope my paintings can suggest a path to the future.”

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