Indigenous Art Card Harvesting The Hair of Mother Earth By Jackie Traverse

Indigenous Art Card Harvesting The Hair of Mother Earth By Jackie Traverse

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Harvesting The Hair of Mother Earth Art Card 

Gift & Souvenir:  For anyone who is interested in indigenous culture.The artist’s biography appears on the back of the card. Art cards are 6 x 9 inches, come with envelope, and are packaged in a clear plastic sleeve.

Size: 9 x 6”

Made in Canada

About the artist: Jackie Traverse

Cultural Background: Anishinabe, Lake St. Martin First Nation
Jackie Traverse is a multi-disciplinary First Nation female artist who calls the city of Winnipeg home. A large portion of her work contains a combination of popular and traditional cultural reflections, which she portrays through her knowledge of urban living, contemporary visual art, traditional craft, and her own cultural practices. She works in many mediums from painting in oils and acrylics to mixed media, sculpture and stop motion animation.

Traverse is widely known in art communities across Canada. Her paintings, drawings, documentaries, and sculptures speak to realities of being an Aboriginal woman. She has created stop-motion animation on missing and murdered women in Canada, another on the sixties scoop titled “Two Scoops” and “Empty” a tribute to her estranged mother. Jackie is deeply moved by the injustices faced by First Nations people. She is committed to her community and teaches art in public schools, which bring together the traditional teachings of the First Nations to various cultures.

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