Indigenous Art Card Reflect & Grow With Love By Shawna Boulette Grapentine

Indigenous Art Card Reflect & Grow With Love By Shawna Boulette Grapentine

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Reflect & Grow With Love Art Card 

Gift & Souvenir:  For anyone who is interested in indigenous culture.The artist’s biography appears on the back of the card. Art cards are 6 x 9 inches, come with envelope, and are packaged in a clear plastic sleeve.

Size: 9 x 6”

Made in Canada

About the artist: Shawna Boulette Grapentine

Cultural Background: Cree-Ojibway

Shawna Boulette Grapentine is a Cree-Ojibway, born in the city of Winnipeg, Canada. She was raised in the small Metis community of Manigotogan on the northeastern shores of Lake Winnipeg and is a member of the Hollow Water First Nation.

Known for using fine detail and vibrant colours in her paintings, Shawna learned at an early age that she had a great passion for painting, sketching, and creating art. She is proud to have been part of the Frontier School Division, who provided her with a strong foundation for the arts.

“Each of my paintings contains a piece of my heart and soul, childhood memories and silent prayers for guidance and strength in helping make a difference in the world. It has taken time and maturity to pursue a full-time career with my artwork business.”

Moon & Back Custom Arts has been in operation since 2010, producing more inspiring art pieces each year, gaining recognition across Canada and the United States. The name originated from a children’s story book that Shawna shared with her son, relating to her unconditional love for him.

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