Indigenous Bookmark Sasquatch By Sue Coccia

Indigenous Bookmark Sasquatch By Sue Coccia

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Sasquatch Bookmark

Gift & Souvenir:  For anyone who is interested in indigenous culture. Can be used to record reading process or used as a note for easy reading.

Size: 2” x 8”

Made in Canada

About the artist: Sue Coccia

Cultural Background: Cherokee Ancestry

Award winning Northwest artist Sue Coccia is from Edmonds, Washington.

Sue's Grandmother's Grandmother was Native American and that tiny bit of heritage has had a large influence on her art. Indigenous art and its relationship with the animal worlds has also influenced Sue's unique style. A deep love of all animals was instilled at a very young age and Sue has dedicated her life's work to them. She has a formal art training background; however she was truly inspired by her high school art teacher, d'Elaine Johnson, an internationally recognized artist.

A portion of the proceeds from her sales will be donated to organizations dedicated to the preservation of animals and their habitat. The preservation of wildlife is of great importance to her. In fact, the National Wildlife Federation has recognized her home as a certified Backyards Wildlife Habitat.

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