Indigenous Stickers The Journey Home By Karen Erickson

Indigenous Stickers The Journey Home By Karen Erickson

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The Journey Home Stickers

Gift & Souvenir:  For anyone who is interested in indigenous culture. Can be stick on laptops, water bottle, backpack, skateboards, luggage, cars, bikes, bumpers, motorcycle, snowboard, Guitar, Doors. Great wall decoration.

Size: 2.5”x 3.5” 

Made in the USA

About the artist: Karen Erickson

Born in Prince George, BC, Canada, Karen is a spectacular self-taught Metis-Cree artist. Her passion to create artistic masterpieces started in her childhood days, and today she is a successful artist who takes pride in connecting with people through her beautiful work.

Inspired by nature, animals and the people in her life, Karen paints stories through her art. She often finds herself dreaming of her next creative idea, which she meticulously translates onto a medium with her special skills. While acrylics, oil and etching are some of her favorite mediums to play around with, Karen’s artwork can be found on rocks, glassware, driftwood, canvas and feathers. She enjoys juggling her time working for Métis Nation BC, while also creating custom-made paintings on request.

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